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So it shouldn’t be surprising that the designs he presents in this book are anything but ordinary.
Aside from some really amusing tricks that I heard about either at the race or while researching (using a container of mercury for your weight for example), it seemed like the only design worth doing to win was a flat, heavy car just thick enough to hold the wheels in place and as long a wheel base as possible. This book seems to be an avenue through which the dad will take over the whole process, and defeats the spirit of the Pinewood Derby. Involving young people in shop work is commendable, and the only time I’m not shadowed in the garage is when my son is away from the house.
Spending time with your child is one of the most important aspects of participating in the Pinewood Derby. Your child will feel more connected to his car if you allow him to be creative and influence its design.
Building a Pinewood Derby car with your child is a great way to develop woodworking and math skills. The Pinewood Derby is a great opportunity for you and your child to create a special bond as you work together to build the car. Chris { I'm on my first set, first year, of three L-ion's, and still run the NiCads too(since the 90's).
Follow Dash Derby on an adventure through the seven easy steps to building your first pinewood derby car.This 96 page book was written for beginners.

Ranging from a Superbird-knockoff stocker to a modern NASCAR ride to a Willys Jeep, these designs are sure to attract attention at the meet.
Troy not only provides great designs, he also offers great pictoral descriptions of the carving process — plus lots of easy-to-understand instructions to help you fill, paint, and finish your car to look just as awesome as those you see in the book.
I always worry about books like this, because I think if someone pulls a pattern out of a book and follows a step by step guide to build a fast car, they are missing the point. It’s about helping them learn about the shop and how things work, and helping them to put a lot of themselves into the car.
Sean and I got a big kick out of seeing the cars the author built, and we’re really tempted to try our hands at it just for the hell of it.
The car that won the Dad race last year was just the pinewood block sanded smooth, urethaned and all the speed tricks, smooth wheels, long wheelbase, etc. It’s also important to be aware of what you and your child can learn from building a car together. Go over all of the tools and their uses with your child and help him understand how they work.
It makes building a pinewood car easy by splitting the building process into easy to follow steps. Troy covers all applicable rules — and shows you how to build killer winning cars without cheating.

Though some may seem obvious, following a few simple principles will help make the Pinewood Derby a truly rewarding experience for both of you. When it’s time to actually build the car, remember to teach by example and to allow your child to learn at his own pace. It’s about making a car that you really love and learning some great shop skills and concepts in the process. For instance, you might show your child how to complete a step of the process on one side of the car and then allow him to do the same step on the other side of the car. The more steps your child understands and participates in, the more he will feel as if he is a part of the process. You might show him how to hold the coping saw and then let him make the cuts on the car by imitating the position and techniques you’ve demonstrated.

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