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A pergola attached to the house is less expensive than a free standing design because an attached model only has two support columns instead of four. A pergola with a roof is more expensive because of the extra material and craftsmanship required to create the roof. I would venture to say that there are more cedar pergola kits sold each year than any other type, with the exception of perhaps vinyl. We'll let you in on two major secrets: First, all pergola kits, whether labeled "DIY" or "custom", are DIY kits.
You choose your own size, end cut design, wood type, post lengths, and have a pergola cut specifically for you with options to your liking.
Cedar is the most common wood used for all types of backyard structures, including gazebos, pergolas, sheds, decorative bridges, furniture, etc.

We were extremely pleased with the entire experience and would use Pergola Depot again and plan to recommend you to friends and family.
Sometimes you will see these models advertised as a "two post pergola" or a "wall mounted pergola". You will see these models sometimes advertised as a "retractable pergola", or "retractable shade pergola". A cedar pergola is slightly less expensive than one made of redwood, but many feel it doesn't look quite as nice when new. Browse from six different pergola material types; Western Red Cedar Pergola Kits, Vinyl, Douglas Fir, Aluminum, Fibreglass or Pressure Treated Pine, or search for a pergola style, size or price. Our wooden pergola kits are made from several different wood species, but California Redwood and Cedar are the most common.

Its purpose is to provide a foundation on which climbing plants can be viewed and to give shade."No matter how you define it, there are as many pergola designs as there are imagination and dreams. And if you want a waterproof pergola, but are not comfortable with the quality of vinyl, them fiberglass composite is the way to go.
We are so confident of the durability of our redwood, that we back our redwood models with a 15 year warranty.A redwood pergola kit looks fantastic in any landscape setting, particularly when new. We will paint your fiberglass pergola in any color you want for only $200 additional.All of our wood and fiberglass models can be customized to your sizing preferences.

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