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The British School Bangkok recently asked Thai Garden Design to install this complete artificial grass garden at their playground area, so the kiddies can run around and enjoy the grounds. Pergolas are the type of gazebo which can be used for many purposes like a small sitting place where you can enjoy peaceful winter mornings and beautiful summer evenings or to connect the outdoor space with your living space to make it more beautiful and useable; it is like an extension of the house. So if you want to add some extra space and beauty in your outdoor space to enjoy even when the weather is not very appealing then here we are with some interesting Pergolas designs which you can adopt to make your space more useful and beautiful.
The main difference between pergolas and gazebo is that pergolas are often attached structures with open-lattice roofs while gazebos are free standing buildings with closed roofs and floors.A perfect pergola has a flat, open roof with very wide-open crisscrossing lattice or slotted beams which allow entering the dappled light from the sun.

A new house deck and shade pergola for an American expat in Bangkok, including bespoke water feature, tropical planting and grass.
Pergolas are also often used interchangeably with arbors as gateways to garden areas or as a covering for a swing or single bench.
Pergolas are the beautiful structures that can add a lot of beauty to your outdoor spaces when created tactfully. Sides of a pergola are made from two or four posts or narrow sections of any architectural material to allow plants and vines to climb up its open structure to cover the sides and roof.

Free standing Pergolas has four post constructions whereas Wall Mount is attached with your existing structure so they have only two posts.

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