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When it comes time to building your deck or pergola, you will first need to make sure that you have approval from your local council. All councils will have their own sets of regulations regarding decks, pergolas and other house extensions. Any closed roofed structure such as a steel or acrylic roof pergola (shade cloth and sails will likely not require a permit, but check anyway).
Footings, and specifically their depth, construction and ability to cope with the load of the deck or pergola roof. Verandah - open or partly open portion of a house or building, or a roofed space attached to a building outside the principal rooms, and covered either by the main roof or a separate, lower roof. Pergola - open-roofed framework over a path, terrace or patio, supported on posts or columns, and usually covered with plants trained over the members.

Depending on where you live, the difference between these three things as far as regulations are concerned can come down to what sort of roof it has - if any. Obviously it's far better to establish these things before you make any commitments - so a call to your local council's building services department is a very good idea. When talking to your local council, ask them about the exemptions that exist for decks and pergolas - that is, conditions under which a permit is not required. These regulations cover things like structural integrity, what materials you can use and minimum construction standards that must be met. A planning permit covers points such as aesthetics and boundary regulations, while a building permit covers things like compliance with safety regulations and construction details.
Local councils offer planning permits, but you may be directed to contact a registered building surveyor for a building permit.

If the roof's made of mesh, battens or lattice - or if it doesn't have a roof at all - it's likely to be treated as a pergola. Which is why you should call Outside Concepts, the outdoor living professionals for more information on building your pergola today, or visit our website to find your local Outdoor Concepts Victorian branch.

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