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The bookcase back panel is a great opportunity to add style, color and interest to a plain bookcase. 4 Give your bookcase old world charm by covering the back panel with tin ceiling tiles and painting the frame in a bold color. 5 Use grasscloth on the back panel to bring texture and interest to a bookcase or built-ins. 7 Painting the back panel of an all-white bookcase in a contrasting color gives it depth and helps the accessories take center stage. 10 A couple of rolls of wrapping paper and some Mod Podge are an inexpensive way to transform a bookcase. 11 If you have a bookcase with lots of different compartments, give it some pizzazz by covering the back panels of each compartment in a different pattern.
12 Add a golden glow to your bookcase by covering the back panel in gold leaf or metallic wallpaper.

Another great example of a well styled bookcase is the wall-to-wall built-in by Kate of Centsational Girl.  After building this bookcase using 4 Ikea Billy bookcases, Kate used her amazing talents to accessorize the entire wall – WOW, what a task! I think you get the picture by now, but here’s a quick recap on the key elements to achieve a well styled bookcase! Layer – Add elements to the back of the bookcase and continue it to the bookcase frame.
I’ve always loved this bookcase composition and shared it in a previous about creating a dazzling display.
I am getting close to styling my built-in bookcases, thank you for the beautiful inspiration We replaced our floors, painted the walls and trim and I am just finishing up papering the back of my book cases. These bookcases are very well decorated, but I would love some more examples that have lots of books!
Sara, if you need more book space, adding another bookshelf or storing unused books might be the best idea so you can achieve a balanced bookcase with books and accessories.

Hang on, I guess it’s clever to put art on the bookcase surround in front of other items, but I think you have to be careful here. I found a dozen different ways you can transform a boring bookcase into one that really stands out. I am redoing my bookcases in my baby’s room and was browsing through some of your organizing tips!
The back piece is often what gives a stand-alone bookcase stability, so you may need to reinforce it.

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