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I am ranting on about this wood because I recently came across a motherload of hedge a couple of weeks ago. If there is still any doubt as to the resiliency of Osage orange, this photo shows a massive tree that took the full force of the 2011 Joplin MO tornado.
When I started this blog, I thought I’d just write a paragraph about salvaging some hedge wood, then move on to something else, but the subject was just too close to my heart to let it go that quickly. Here in the Missouri Ozarks, 20 degrees is cold enough to keep me inside, except for those outside chores that need to be done.

We would be happy to let someone have all of the wood for the task of removing them in their entirety. While I can have all I want for firewood, my interest is in the straightest stems and root balls. Now they are considered a nuisance, because they have thorns, and the wood just doesn’t rot. There wasn’t much we could do, other than keep an uneasy eye on it for the next few hours.

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