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Today he announced the news---An old Oliver will join the South Bend lathe and he needs a 220 dedicated line. Parts list in the top right advice and angstrom unit bombastic filling of tools for atomic number but. I shot out an email to him when I saw it, only thing is he was looking for one that needed a refurb to keep the cost down.
View DetailsThe Oliver 2018 Classic lathe brings the Lathe back to the Oliver Line, and in true Oliver fashion. Table , jointers, planers-woodworking machines-oliver, The oliver 2018 classic lathe brings the lathe back to the oliver line, and in true oliver fashion.

I just found this on an auction listing , it is such a rare lathe and extremely difficult to find.
I think your right about the alternate price points, not too many ppl who have 20k to drop on a lathe.
Woodworking machinery, oliver machinery has been building high quality woodworking machines since 1890. Apparently they refurbished the entire lathe from the ground up, and it looks like they did a professional job on her. They did the work for a movie studio and never got paid according to the sellers remarks so that's why it's up for sale.

Woodworking machines,oliver machinery-wood working machine …, Woodworking machinery, oliver machinery building high quality woodworking machines 1890. Table , jointers, planers-woodworking machines-oliver …, The oliver 2018 classic lathe brings lathe oliver line, true oliver fashion.

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