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Robins and phoebes prefer open but protected nest sites rather than fully enclosed nest boxes.
Attach the shelf to the side of a building under the eaves at least 10 to 12 feet above the ground. Allow a 6- to 7-inch clearance from the shelf to the eaves for robins and a 4- to 5-inch clearance for phoebes. Wire Mesh Bird Feeders are perfect for all types of birds, clinging birds and perching birds. For The Birds Albesia Bird Feeder Collection - Handcarved and handpainted by skilled artisans. Heartwood Bird House Collection - Architecturally designed birdhouses for beauty and function. Wood Duck Houses with specifications for nesting wood ducks, merganser and other wild duck species. Woodpecker Houses, Flicker Houses - Quality nesting boxes for all woodpecker and flicker species. Nesting Pockets or Roosting Pockets make great shelters for wild birds in the winter, and nesting cavities in the spring and summer. Wild Woolies Handmade Felt Bird Houses - Eco-friendly sustainable felt bird nesting houses made from 100% natural wool. Bird Seed Storage Containers and Seed Dispensers for storing and dispensing wild bird seed. Mealworms, Bait Worms & Live Insect Feeders for feeding bluebirds, pets, fishing or composting. Bird Seed Cakes, Seed Bells, Seed Blocks, Seed Logs and Nuggets for feeding hungry backyard birds.
Seed & Nut Cakes, Seed Logs & Blocks - All natural seed and nut cakes for feeding backyard birds.

Suet Cakes - Premium all natural no-melt suet cakes for feeding suet loving backyard birds. Bee Houses, Mason Bee Houses - Provide a home for one of natures best pollinators - the Mason Bee! State and Regional Bird Watching Guides for birding enthusiasts in every state, province or region!
Birding Books, Nature Books and Field Guides for wild bird identification in North America, U.S. Nature Notecards & Stationery - Our colorful nature notecard sets and stationary are perfect for the wild bird and nature enthusiast.
Late For The Sky Opoly Board Games - Fun opoly board games to play with friends and family! Waterford Press Pocket Naturalist Guides - The perfect pocket-sized, folding guide for the bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. Garden Stakes & Balancers - Our Garden Stakes and Balancers make perfect accents for any garden landscape or yard. Ancient Graffiti Garden Collection - The Ancient Graffiti collection of nature-inspired handcrafted gifts and accessories for the home and garden is created using natural materials and eco-friendly principles. Coconut Coir Growing Medium - An abundant 100% natural and renewable resource for your garden!
Hanging Plant Baskets - Our beautiful stained glass hanging plant baskets are for outdoor or indoor use.
Eco-Friendly Firestarters and Gift Packs - Our Little Bucket Firestarters are safe for the environment, non-toxic, and earth friendly solution for starting your fireplace or stove. Set up this nesting shelf under the eaves of a building and the birds will have a safe spot protected by the overhang in which to raise their young. Or, mount the shelf on a tree trunk or branch in a shady spot 10 to 12 feet above the ground.

We have a large selection of quality crafted feeders for serving up tasty mealworms to hungry bluebirds! We have a wide selection of nectar, fruit and jelly feeders for attracting orioles to your backyard.
Quality bluebird nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds, Western Bluebirds and Mountain Bluebirds. We offer quality nest boxes for small songbirds such as wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and others.
All the style and craftsmanship you and your feathered friends could ask for, down to the last gorgeous detail. Built with specifications in mind for nesting birds such as bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, woodpeckers, owls, wood ducks and more.
Turn household food waste, leaves, grass clippings and lawn debris into rich compost for your garden plants and vegetables. Our quality solid brass and colorful garden rain gauges are perfect for any garden or patio.
Clean the shelf well each fall and check that it is securely attached for the new tenants that will take up residence in early spring.
There are, however, a few birds, such as the Robins, Phoebes, Barn Swallows and Dove, that will appreciate a nesting shelf to raise their young. Phoebes that will nest on a shelf include: the Eastern Phoebe, the Black Phoebe, and the Says Phoebe.

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