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There are a lot more pictures of the table and its construction on Bosworth’s Imgur gallery.
Yep this was most likely just a fun project to put together for a rec-room, and in that respect the table looks awesome and it was most likely a great experience to build. I have wanted to build this table for quite some time but have always had some things come up.
I was in a little rush to put this instructable online so for the picture I took a piece of glass from a table I already had in my living room.

I think that looks incredible and I would much rather have that in my gaming room than the wooden table I currently have. Bosworth made this sweet coffee table using a huge replica of the Nintendo 64 logo as the base. The base of the table measures 18″ on each side and is made of polygons and pretty colors pine.
I was able to pick up and move the table from my garage to my room without any of the doors falling off.

The table is currently located in my living-room and I have found so many uses for the drawers besides games (remote, small pads of paper, pencils).

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