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When compared to products like concrete and steel, the production of wood products consumes far less energy, emits less greenhouse gases, releases less pollutants into the air and generates far less water pollution.
Part of understanding why wood is one of the most environmental building or interior design materials is to understand the carbon dioxide generation associated with wood itself.
This program is active in 30 countries around the world and has rapidly become the most widely used standard in certifying green construction. In many wood processing facilities, the wood byproducts or waste material is used for generating power for those factories.

Unlike most construction and decorative products, the properties inherent in wood, as a natural, sustainable, renewable and recyclable resource, make it a logical environmental choice for any project.
The growth of wood is generated by solar power, the sun, and requires no power to irrigate, as this is done through natural rainfall. Not to mention woods desirable aesthetic characteristics which provide warmth and character and make it a natural choice in a multitude of design applications.
Wood Products and Carbon Protocols  Carbon Storage and Low Energy Intensity Should Be Considered.

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