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A solid upper and lower plank style for a Wood Garden Fencing with absolute privacy, safe from the prying eyes of browsing deer. Seemingly a simple methodology, yet within this solid wood privacy fence are allowances for expansion and contraction, self-drainage, mortise and tenon joinery, and the highest grade of cedar spec'd directly from Prowell's longtime sawyer in the Pacific Northwest. Having a look at how the Cedar Fence naturally grays, approximately two years after installation.
Fence Style #20-2 features a wider top rail width that matches that of a typical flanking gate.
Fence Style #20-3 illustrates a common application when a gate is installed between a garage and existing fenceline.

Rolling hills, defined by the perfect white fence, set the scene for a gentlemen's country estate. To complement this restored antique farmhouse, a three-rail plank Kentucky style fence was selected with chamfered top posts. Estates of the past, undergoing renovations for today, require fences with design and functionality.
Fence panels are constructed out of western red cedar wood, and assembled using mortise and tenon joinery and waterproof adhesive (no nails or screws). This simple, full mortised, wood Kentucky style plank fence has three - 2 inch x 6 inch rails.

This Connecticut style corral fencing, constructed with pressure treated materials for many years of durability, has four rails face mounted to the angle-cut posts and is finished with a vertical cover plate.
WoodRX dries very fast, and should be applied by spraying even quick coats to prevent dripping and running streaks.

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