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Panomex Inc, a manufacturing company of moisture measurement devices and brings a wide range of digital moisture meters that feature accurate and fast moisture readings for variety of materials including wood and non-wood, seeds, fruits and vegetables and many more. Each moisture meter kit supplied by Panomex is delivered with a set of essential accessories, standard and spare moisture measurement pins, operation manuals, carrying case (if available with an model) and battery etc. It is a multi-purpose moisture meter used to measure moisture content in wood, concrete, gypsum, and other non-wood materials.
We offer reliable pinless moisture meter with a combination of features to suit individual needs and budget.
Simple to use, high precision, compact design and rugged construction; this paper moisture meter is surely a right choice for paper industry.
The new Timber Moisture Meter represents the next generation in moisture meter - easy to use, multi-functional and allows full moisture diagnosis in small as well as large wood samples. This honey moisture meter or honey refractometer is fast, reliable and compact instrument and a perfect for choice for honey manufacturers, traders and dealers.
Designed as a portable moisture meter, this instrument allows for the quick measurement of moisture in both tea and coffee. The Digital Infrared Moisture Meter is an easy to use IR moisture meter with combinations of user friendly features. The halogen moisture analyzer by Panomex provides quick, precise and reliable moisture determination. Our grain moisture meter represents the new generation moisture measurement technology and lets you experience easy, fast and highly precise measurement.
This scoop type grain moisture meter is highly convenient instrument and an essential tool for grain producers as well as suppliers.
We bring to you a portable textile moisture meter for determination of residual moisture of wool, yarn, cotton, spun etc.
An automatic and continuous method of measuring the moisture content of coal is needed by the coal industry. The Panomex cotton seed meter allows you to effectively measure moisture content to help ensure high-quality cotton.
It is a light weight, new generation moisture meter, which measures moisture content of polyester more accurately.
It is rapid, accurate and reliable moisture meter for viscose moisture meter that can precisely measure moisture content of lint, cotton and viscose etc. We offer a range of moisture meters that can measure moisture content of wheat flour, red pepper and vanilla beans etc.
Choose from the two models of red pepper moisture meters; one for red pepper and other for determining moisture of red pepper powder. It is a compact, fast and reliable moisture meter, an ideal instrument to measure moisture content of black pepper.

These marvelously designed portable Oil Moisture Meters are specific and efficient in measuring the explicit content of moisture in Hydraulic oil, mineral transformer oil and other lubricating oils.
Parts list in the top right advice and angstrom unit bombastic filling of tools for atomic number but. Digital intelligent MCU paper moisture Meter works on 3 types of paper (carton, copperplate paper, writing paper) by using the spring contact precise measuring. Our range includes full line of pin and pin-less moisture meters, associated accessories and packages. In addition, these moisture meters are backed by immediate after sales service support that makes these instruments better to use as compared to other Indian make moisture meters.
This simple to use device uses the 2 pins electrode to measure the conductive ability of the species, then converter to the reading of % Moisture of content. It is a pin type moisture meter that can precisely measure moisture content of wood, concrete and plaster.
This pinless moisture meter features non-destructive performance hence, perfect for measuring moisture content in finished products without harming their surface. This efficient paper moisture meter is designed to test moisture content in various types of paper, corrugated stock and other fibrous materials. It combines all the features that make it preferable for every timber dealer, manufacturer and end users. Its compact designed is ideal for testing tea, coffee and cocoa in the laboratory or on the farm with fast results.
This instrument uses Halogen heating for best results and ensures uniform sample heating for reproducible results within minutes - right from the first sample.
It is a digital device, designed to measure moisture content of almost every type of grains and allows you to make informed harvesting decisions.
This is an analog instrument is especially designed for textile industry and delivers worry free performance time after time. It is easy to use and an essential tool for hay producers, farmers, traders and whole sellers. This coal moisture meter offers accurate and professional measuring of coal moisture; designed with latest technology it proves to be an essential tool for coal industry. This jute moisture meter analyses the moisture content of solid materials in a host of applications.
It is a certified and testing moisture meter for asbestos and an essential tool for asbestos users worldwide. With this digital polyester moisture meter you achieve greater degree of accuracy with rapid measurement. It has bright digital display, audible alarm and built-in calibration check that make it an essential tool for every textile company.

These meters are with excellent and ultra precise performance assurance and work perfectly on temperature range on -40° to +100°C. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. Cotton ginned at the appropriate level of moisture produces the longest and strongest fibers. It further features electrical resistance method operation and automatic temperature compensation. It offers moisture content range over 9 % to 30 % and provides with 9 material species groups in memory calibrations for about 150 different species of wood and timber. All calibrations have been verified for accuracy and meet industry requirements, enabling users to experience the worry free performance. Designed with user friendly features and compliance with regulations this halogen moisture meter analyzer serves industries including food and pharmaceutical industry, paper and tobacco mills.
It offers rapid and precise measurement while offers all the features that make it perfect for indoor and outdoor uses.
This coal moisture meter or tester is supplied with instruction manual, one carrying case and spare pins for emergency. Easy to use and highly portable, this compact meter delivers instant results with an accuracy of 0.5%n.
Designed with user-friendly features this asbestos moisture meter is self-calibrated and offers full value of your money. This portable polyester moisture meter provides easy material selection by using 2 push buttons. These are an essential tool for red pepper producers and suppliers to determine the price and quality of the commodity.
The C-2000 utilizes the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance to effectively measure the moisture content of cotton fibers. With this hay moisture meter you can test and maintain proper moisture levels and minimize production of low quality hay and economic losses. Recommended by official test and research laboratories, this jute and coir moisture meter is the finest choice of textile industry worldwide.
The contact pins mounted on the top of the meter are used for making direct contact with the material.

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