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Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. If you don’t read books and don’t care about the bookshelves don’t be too quick to close this article. The swimming pool design is a fairly important part on the exterior of the house, especially for homes that have large land size.
They are bookshelves, and without them, our homes would be filled with piles of reading materials! We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends.
Deck the halls of your home for the holiday with beautiful white Christmas decorating specially designed to fit into one color theme giving a creative classy, sophisticated atmosphere.

From shelves packed with books to shelves that make strategic use of empty space, you’re bound to find an idea that meets your design needs.
Now that we agree that it’s essential to have a bookshelf, let’s take a look at some of the most creative designs out there. The choice of materials varies from the organic to the industrial, but in keeping with a modern finish, are linear and lightweight. From shelves packed with books to shelves that make strategic use of empty space, you’re bound to find an idea that meets your design needs. Smaller rooms can benefit from this minimalist look, as clutter can make interiors appear smaller than they are. Stacking books horizontally creates a modern look and adds diversity to an arrangement, a nice alternative for shelves with room for little else than books. [from Architecture at Large]Colorful Bookshelf Design ChoicesWe now turn to color and the way it can bring a bookshelf display to life.

In the space below, the Domino bookshelf by Tema Home is elegantly modern with its white and metallic brown accents. This design tip has soared in recent years, as design lovers unwilling to commit to a bright paint color for an entire room are getting a touch of bold color by introducing it via the bookshelf.
The Zelli Moroccan-style shelf below is the ultimate showpiece! [from Younes Duret Design]As you’ve probably figured out, combining all of the ideas above is impossible!
Nor can you display a collection of decor items while stocking a bookshelf with nothing but binders.

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