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Thankfully, Apt528 reader Stacy built a Moddi of her own and was kind enough to send in pictures.
By the way, if you're looking for an alternative Murphy bed design, check out our post on the Lori Wall Bed. Reader Rebecca tipped us off to the Moddi Murphy Bed Kit, and frankly, we're surprised we haven't seen it before! There were a few steps she had to modify, but other than that, it was a pretty easy process.

Unfortunately, I've never built the bed (we don't currently have a need) so I don't personally know what the mods are. Moddi sells instructions to create your own wall-mounted Murphy bed with inexpensive parts from IKEA and a hardware store. While the instructions will cost you $8, Moddi publishes a free parts list on their website.
The Moddi website really needs to have more pics - yeah I know, they are probably afraid people will just look at the pics and use those.

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