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The trees themselves are old but that’s not the only history that Muir Woods has to offer.
Muir Woods was already beginning to become a popular place with hikers in the late nineteenth century.
Muir Woods has been updated with maintenance over time to accommodate the annual flood of visitors.
There are three short self-guided walks that you can take as a Muir Woods visitor, ranging from 30 – 90 minutes in length along paved pathways.
Muir Woods has a visitors center where you can pick up hiking trail maps and learn about some of the history of the area. Most people will choose to reach Muir Woods by car since it’s the most direct option and the trip is lovely.
Muir Woods is a beautiful place to spend an entire day but there are also lots of other wonderful spots to see in this area.

Muir Woods enchanting world is just a short coastal drive of less than an hour from downtown San Francisco, over the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge, and through the scenic Marin Headland Hills.
Just west of Muir Woods you can find Muir Beach, a beautiful coastal area of dunes and water. This is one of the best areas north of San Francisco for people who want to see California wildlife. Muir Woods is entirely surrounded by the land of Mount Tamalpais State Park and there are some other beautiful areas to check out in this park as well. Muir Woods and these other places are all part of the larger Golden Gate National Recreation Area which has many things to see including historic forts like Fort Baker and Fort Cronkhite, San Francisco beaches like Baker Beach and Ocean Beach, and other unique natural areas.
You can see Douglas Fir Treesm California Buckeyes, Red Alders, Coast Live Oaks, cedars, willows, junipers and many other broad-leaf evergreen trees and deciduous trees. They also offer a wide variety of different events that you can learn about in the visitors center or check out on the official Muir Woods website.

In fact, just about two miles from Muir Woods you’ll find some of the tallest peaks of Mount Tam, which are also the tallest peaks in the region, offering incomparable views of the land below.
Muir Woods provides a terrific opportunity to see some of the oldest, tallest most amazing trees in the country. You will find these protected redwoods in Redwood National and State Parks throughout Oregon and California. It is one of the most popular San Francisco tourist attractions and its stunning beauty is a key reason that nearly one million people visit Muir Woods each year. The forest at Muir Woods was spared because it was hard to access during the time that logging was running rampant.

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