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Stain Marker contains an oil-based stain that is ideal for touching up and staining interior furniture, cabinets, doors and floors.
Way of workshops and movies ideas on Woodworking, Residence Building and Design there are also sufficient simple.
You would think with all the scale model hobbies out there that finding instructions on how to age scale wood fences would be easy… but not so much!
So below are my experiments on turning the basic basswood and balsa wood planks into something a bit more weathered. The first (and easiest) way to darken the planks is to grab a handy stain pen and get to work.

As you can see there’s a big jump up in color except between the second and third coats on the balsa wood. Looking over the tutorial from Battleground Hobbies I saw that they started with a very dark basecoat (black!) in order to get the grains in the wood to pop. I grabbed two darker wood colors to test out: FolkArt 504 VanDyke Brown and 416 Dark Brown. I think I’m going to stick to the acrylic washes on the balsa wood instead of the basswood for the aged effects. Wood Finish Stain Marker is useful for staining and touching up a variety of problems and projects, such as scratches, moulding and accents. I found plenty of articles on how to age normal wood, but when you are working with balsa wood and basswood, the pickings are pretty slim.

Using a Minwax 210B Golden Oak I did the right half of the board in a single coat, then two, then three as you move to the left.
In this case I used FolkArt 706 Dove Gray as my color and moving to the right is a single coat, a double, and then a double with a single layer of stain over it. It would be a good match for a fence that had just been stained, but most fences in the equine world don’t stay this immaculate for long.

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