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The Microplane® Stainless Steel Rasps are made from hardened stainless steel with a patented etched blade technology. Whether your a lifelong woodworker or just beginning, the Microplane 1" Rotary Shaper helps do great work quickly and easily. Whether your a lifelong woodworker or just beginning, our Microplane® 2" Rotary Shaper Drill Press Attachment will help you do great work quickly and easily. Today Microplane not only manufacturers woodworking products and kitchenware, but has also branched out into personal care, with its foot file showing just how versatile the concept and design of this basic tool has proved to be!
Protect your Microplane® Shaping Rasps by applying light pressure to the end and back of the tool while using, this will provide more stability and control to your cuts. Though I use more rasps and files, the microplanes do work quick and last well, though they are like toss-away Japanese saws.
We now carry a range of Microplane tools that includes 3" & 8" Snap-In Rasps, Rotary Shapers and Shaping Rasps; all available from your local BriMarc stockist today!

Decent new files and rasps can cut as fast or faster, as well as more coarsely or smoother depending on the rasp, than a microplane. Microplane wood rasps provided a creative jumping-off point to launch a growing line of kitchen products to grate, zest and shave in homes, restaurants and bars around the world. I figured if they both perform equally well and I have no experience with either, the microplane might be a better option due to the price. Microplane, whose manufacturing base is in Russellville, Arkansas, started out in 1990 as a new type of woodworking tool - the Microplane rasp, which was originally called the 'Ultra-Shaper', was invented that year by brothers, Richard and Jeff Grace, at Grace Manufacturing Inc. I have read a few on-line opinions in favor of microplanes, but I'd like some of the fellow creekers to share their insight before I committ to one or the other.
What makes Microplane tools quite unique is the process used to produce their razor-like edges. The Microplane Division of Grace Manufacturing was not established until a few years later in 1997.

I am also working on an open saw handle for a DT saw, and while researching the construction and finishing techniques I ran into a posting about microplane VS rasps. To give a little further potted history, Microplane’s big break came in 1994 when the company diversified into kitchenware with the Microplane grater. The traditionalists like the rasps because they like the heft and feel, while many new users like the microplanes because they cut smoother and obviously the price.

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