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Here at Designs by Studio C, I offer DIY projects, how-to information, and furniture plans. The size of your workspace, the jobs you plan to do and the size of your compressor all factor into picking the right cabinet.
Because it's retained in the cabinet, the blasting media can be sucked back into the system and reused.
I started by making the cuts for the support of the shelf, or the part that you don’t see.
Before hanging the shelves, I gave both of the shelves a coat of my fav stain… Varathane Stain in Early American. You can see here I have the bottom shelf done and the frame of the second shelf attached to the wall. So, although I am not at all pleased with the height he placed the TV, I am happy with the solution. So let me start off by saying I found your workbench plans online and was telling my wife about your site.

The DIY plans to build a Jamie Media Console feature a planked top with a mitered frame, three drawers, and a large open shelf. Add a few brad nails through the back panel into the back end of the drawer spacer to further secure it in place. If you like sawdust in your hair and paint under your fingernails, this is the place for you! The media blasting process done inside the controlled environment in such a cabinet sends abrasive media such as light sand, glass beads or washing soda flying against the parts under pressure to take dirt and finishes off them.
This 20-30 Fine Plastic Abrasive looks like you could sprinkle it on a cookie or birthday cake, but that's not a great idea.
If you don't feel the media and see it dribbling out of the nozzle, you either have siphoning or clogging problems or both. I used my drill to go through the top of the shelf and into the frame making sure it was attached to the 2×4 of the frame. A siphon system is used to pull the media from a hopper at the bottom of the cabinet and direct it through hoses to a nozzle or gun.

When the media gets siphoned up properly and flows well through the hoses and nozzle, abrasive blasting is great. For most blasting jobs done in old car restorations, aluminum oxide is an excellent media to use. The fingers of the gloves allow the user to move the hoses and direct the flow of the media coming from the nozzle or gun.
The #80 aluminum oxide media used on the right side left a darker gray color and rougher texture.

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