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A nice, clean example of an Alex Mathieson & Sons dovetailed steel parallel smoother with a particularly nice spur on the rear handle. Mathieson was one of the bigger players in the infill plane world, along with Stewart Spiers, Thomas Norris, Edward Preston, Henry Slater & John Holland.
The Mathieson name has been stamped on the levercap as well as on the toe of the plane (on the front bun).
The dovetailing is sound, with no sign of loosening, and the plane is generally very well looked after -- showing very little wear or even signs of use.

And would make mathieson infill planes for sale me feel a lot more confident buying their indefinitely, as it is specifically designed for set up a workbench.
The overall condition of the Brazilian rosewood infill in this plane, along with the steelwork and gunmetal lever cap, is great.
I make no apologies in stating that I'm a sucker for long, narrow, spurs -- even if these are amongst the first things to be damaged on handplanes -- so seeing one in pristine condition is always good. These makers combined make up the bulk of the infill planes out there in the marketplace, collections and the workshops of those who are lucky enough to have them.

Lazarus Infill Smooth Plane #115 stanley 3 ish hand smoothing smootherThe Lazarus Handplane Co.

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