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For pizzas, any old fire will do, you’re just trying to generate lots of heat and do it as quickly as possible.
If you want the oven to stay hot for an extended period of time, you need to get that heat right into the stones.
You need to start by removing all the leftover timber, coals and ash from your oven (see our Ash Pan and Brush Set) and checking out your chimney – good fires depend on air flow – and then you need to build your fire with all the seriousness of a nine year old going for a Boy Scout badge! Once you’ve got lots of lovely coals and logs well ablaze, start moving your fire around.
I usually go from the initial fire (front and centre) to middle back left, middle back right, front left, front right, a big session along the back and then a last move into the centre again.
Some people with a good, wide ash container built in to the front of the oven or able to clip on there, can scrape the coals into their ash pit with either the Ember Rake or the Wire Brush. To make really good bread, a well sealed oven door is a must – it keeps the moisture in and the temperature even and you get a really nice rising and a great crust. Sometimes, I’ve even been smart enough to do a breakfast quiche (bacon and corn) the night before and one memorable weekend-long party (at Mt Garnet Races) I managed (even though I was in a drunken stupor) to whack a pot of Boston Baked Beans in the oven last thing at night, just before I passed out beside the fire! Wood ash contains lots of lime and potash, so plants that like a high PH level will really benefit from a sprinkle.
Slugs and snails won't crawl across wood ash, so a light 'no go zone' of ash around beds containing vulnerable plants - like lettuces and spinach - can be really helpful. Tilts back on handles to allow air in underneath and smoke out the top (two positions) – Homemade oven door handles. When I began having thoughts about building and cooking in my own wood burning traditional pizza oven, one of the first questions I had regarding cooking strategies was how will I know the best time to start to put my pots, pizzas, sausages on the hot oven floor. I knew that first I would set a moderate fire inside the oven's dome using some dry wood or tree branches and so on (but not with paint on them) laying on the old newspaper which I then ignite. Aah, but how do you know it exactly, my oven can be larger or smaller, it can have thin walls or my walls are of a great thickness for much better heat absorption so it cooks for me for a long time. Now, if the flour stays white or just slightly-trifles to yellow, the oven is not really ready yet.

If the flour darkens fast and burns, stop adding more wood to the fire (and if you want to keep having fire for longer it should be small). Although cooking in wood ovens is much more simple and a lot easier than in conventional ovens and stoves, if you forget about having your favorite cakes inside you know what happens, mixing dough again. Now you know that controlling temperature in the brick wood oven is very easy and everyone can do it. To link to this how hot is wood fired oven page from your website, only cut and paste the following code into your web page.
In fact, these days, quite a few wood fired ovens don’t have any insulation and are really only meant for pizzas or fast grills. If you don't have these tools, then the Pan Hook, the Pizza Shovel and even the Trowel are all useful tools to move the fire around with, rearranging your logs each time you move and adding more logs as needs be.
If you have a wood BBQ close by, you can also put your coals into it and even (if you REALLY want to get the most out of your fire!) continue to use them to cook on, until they cool down. While the ovens at around 350°, make your pizzas, Turkish bread and flat breads or grill meats and vegetables that work well with a bit of char on them (like onions, eggplants and whole mushrooms) or blacken the skin on capsicums, tomatoes and peppers or cook meatballs and rissoles and ribs and chicken wings. The best sort of oven door for baking is one that fits reasonably well but also has a ledge around it on which you can put a really wet rag or lay a piece of well soaked rope.
Once the fire is gone and you’re just working on radiant heat, the less time the oven is open, the more heat is retained, meaning your oven will cook at an even temperature for far longer. Just find a suitable source (if all else fails, ask a potter where they get their clay) and put your ply or door in place and seal around the edges. Even though everyone thinks of them as being perfect for cooking pizzas (hot and fast), where wood fired ovens really come into their own is with things that require a gentle, slow heat. The next morning I woke up to the delicious smell of bacon and toast and when I could finally crack open an eye, it was to see people stepping over me to get to the fire to toast the sourdough we’d made the day before and dip it in the beans! After about an hour or one and half, keeping the fire burning slowly, take a small amount of flour and throw it onto the oven's floor somewhere between the fire and the oven's inside wall or on an available space. Pizza would taste soggy rather than how they should look when done in traditional wood burning brick oven - and taste boiled too.

I move them around a bit and use the Trowel to keep a close eye on their bottoms – pizzas are great 'hot spot' and oven temperature testers. This sort of oven door creates a good seal and the moisture does great things to the bread. When your oven is appropriately hot, the flour will turn to a golden color and then it will start to darken, but not too fast. You’ll need to chop up a considerable amount of wood and be willing to give your fire your whole attention for quite long periods of time.
Pete can make you a door if you want, though getting the size right without seeing the oven is quite tricky, but send us an email if you’re interested. With a wood fired oven, you have to resist the temptation to be forever opening the door, because each time you do, you drop the temperature. At the beginning, some places closer to the fire could be hotter then place next to the wall. This is the best temperature inside of the oven, when it's like this you do not have to wait a long time to finish individual meals e.g. By Joe in Connecticut USA Wood fired family oven and chimney project by Robert in Austria My oven with fireplace, cook food and heat water, by Joel in Philippines Baking sourdough breads in quantity in Canada Pizza oven and hut built by Tony in Philippines Pompeii brick pizza oven. Fetching me to make a point many people set the fire hours before the time when their friends are coming for a dinner while keeping fire in the oven on low. This way your oven gets hot very evenly, ovens walls absorb (suck up) lots of energy and hold the heat longer.

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