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October 21, 2015 by koury Leave a Comment Perhaps you have heard of the wood router and its versatility but have never owned one. As a beginner woodworker, you may not have access to a router table but is pretty easy to build own router table within minutes.
In this simple guideline you will learn how to make a router table with ? inch MDF or plywood within an hour or two. The only remaining task is to cut am notch at the middle of each of the piece of the fence so as to create a room for the router bit. Notwithstanding whether your routing table is homemade or ready-built, there are some special features which your routing table should meet for you to achieve the best results. The extra control you get makes it so much easier to manoeuvre certain operations such as edge profiling, groove routing, and many others. The quality and layout of the base plate highly affects the functioning of the router table.

We will therefore delve into how to make a router table in some simple step by step process.
Once your router is mounted securely in a table, you can be able to get maximum control of your workpiece. You will also be able to do some tasks that might be impossible to handle with a handheld router, for instance, routing narrow stock, making certain joineries such as cope-and-stick, and many others.
This due to the fact that in most of the routing operations you control the cut by keeping the piece of work pressed against the fence as you advance it through the bit. Whether you make your own table or buy a ready-made one, ensure it is well secured and it is firm enough for all your operations. You may also think it is expensive to buy its other accessories including the router table. They are also too narrow and thus they may not be perfect projects that require wider router tables.

With a rigid surface you will be able to get accurate cuts and it will be able to support the weight of the router and plate without experiencing any deflection. A wobbling and shifting table not only hinders the attainment of smooth and outstanding pieces of work, but it also poses a risk to the user. When you build your own router table from scratch, you will be able to accommodate most routing jobs including those that require a huge space for routing. Additionally, you can laminate the router table top and fence if you desire a more outstanding outlook and minimum friction. The base plate should also be such that it is perfectly on a level ground with the router table surface.

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