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The sheer size of the timber attracts attention and a sleeper bench is a piece of outdoor furniture that will last a lifetime. The new sleepers straight out of the mill are 200x100mm thick so they sit reasonably firmly on level ground, but if you have kids you might consider anchoring them into the ground for safety. The standard height of the bench is 400mm for stand alone benches and 450mm for benches used as part of an outdoor table setting, but that too can be increased or reduced if required. For a near perfect sleeper, we have access to a limited amount of 'AA' grade railway sleepers at times. Using new or used railway sleepers, to make benches & seats are great alternatives to going out and buying a ready made mass produced bit of furniture. So, to all of you enjoying these pages, with dreams and schemes in your head, let's see what railway sleeper seats & benches YOU finally plan, and what YOU manage to create! Our timber garden furniture is made to withstand time, weather and heavy traffic so it's essential that it is also made from durable solid timbers. We make our timber benches from a range of timber types including recycled railway sleepers.
TK tables furniture is suited to households especially the garden range but more so to clubs, sporting venues, cafes, caravan parks and other commercial areas where heavy duty solid furniture is a prerequisite. We build all our outdoor timber furniture to order to allow you to choose the timber seat size or table finish or even the material it is made from.
Most of our bulky sleeper timber outdoor furniture is made from a combination of 'A' grade recycled railway sleepers, new red gum, ironbark, greygum and treated pine sleepers.

We do however also manufacture some furniture for sheltered area from a range of hardwoods like Vic Ash and Tas Oak.
Beyond railway sleepers, some furniture ends up staying in its natural state whilst others are dressed stained or oiled to produce a cleaner finish.
From a unique timber seat like the one above for your garden area or a simple school bench pictured below, we take pride in all our work and enjoy building to varying client requirements. We are sure that a garden seat made from sleepers like the one above or a lovely dressed hybrid 'A' frame picnic table like the last photo, could become a unique show piece that blends into most garden area. One of the most popular pastimes in gardens is sitting out enjoying any warm weather the British climate affords us. Single seats never look very inviting in the garden; so generally stick to benches or use groups of two or more single seats. By now you should be getting to know your garden and the shade changes during the day and the year. Recycled railway sleepers also make a beautiful rustic bench and these are slightly larger in cross section, usually about 225x125mm.
This bench is dressed and oiled for a clean smooth finish and has its legs extended so it can be anchored into the ground.
All outdoor timber furniture made from sleepers is a lifetime investment as it will be here for years to come. We manufacture solid timber furniture to order and do not retail from showrooms as each piece is custom made for the client.

Some of our garden furniture is made from recycled ‘A’ grade railway sleepers that are carefully transformed into tables, seats and benches. We specialise in outdoor furniture made from sleepers in 50mm, 75mm, 100mm thickness and of course railway sleepers. We can cut and make these benches to any size and assemble them firmly together to prevent the seat slipping off or the bench getting the wobbles on uneven ground.
Our commercial picnic tables for parks and gardens are renowned for the durability and we have a large range of timber seats and wooden benches that can be made to any size.
Whether it's a simple park bench or a memorial park seat the quality of workmanship remains high. If you are not after rustic and require that smooth easy to clean furniture look, we also have solid tables designs made from dressed hardwoods. If the seating is going to be around a table, with chairs moving about as people sit and get up from the table, then a smooth solid surface is the only practical choice.

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