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I bought this on the advice of my girlfriend's late father, who was an experienced woodworker.
It is solidly constructed and best of all, those lovely Robert Sorby tool rests for internal and external bowl shaping will fit. Constructing this machine followed the goal to gain a maximum of stability, precision and security for every scope of woodturning.
Wood Turning Lathe — Buy Wood Turning Lathe, Price , Photo Wood Turning Lathe, from Friends Woodworking Machinery, Company. Alan Holtham gives a comprehensive introduction to lathes and woodturning accessories, providing a good grounding in all essential aspects of woodturning. Woodturning has progressed enormously in recent years and is now no longer just a means of producing functional items, but is fast approaching the status of an art form. Above all, bear in mind that woodturning is an addictive hobby, so try to buy in as much spare capacity as you can afford now to save expensive upgrades later on.
A small bearing spread like this will causes problems with rigidity, particularly on large diameter work, so always look for a machine where there is plenty of distance between the bearings.

On many smaller lathes, a thread size of ¾in x 16 tpi is the industry standard, which makes upgrading your machine less costly.
The actual locking mechanism varies from machine to machine; some use a simple clamp and lever under the bed, whilst others use a cam type of lock, photo 26, which is easier to use as it is accessed from the front of the lathe. But if you think you will spend a lot of time at the lathe as your skills and ambitions grow, then you will need the extra power and weight of a larger machine. It has proved popular with woodturning clubs and their members who like the solid construction and the large capacity but still require a machine they can move around the workshop when they need the space. Alan Holtham gives a comprehensive introduction to lathes and woodturning accessories, providing a good grounding in all essential aspects of woodturning.
A professional turner will probably need a heavy-duty floor-standing lathe, but for the home woodturning enthusiast a bench-mounted model will probably be quite sufficient, photo 4.
To fuel this massive increase in popularity and demand, many woodworking machinery manufacturers have hurriedly added lathes to their range, but a good machine requires a number of essential features that are often overlooked in the rush to get new equipment onto the market.
However, do remember that unlike a lot of other machines, you will often spend hours working at the lathe.

Customers are facilitated with the availability of the wood turning lathe wood turning lathe machine within the stipulated time frame at the most cost effective prices. The 821 has proved to be great for this - a combination of reasonable price, decent build quality and good features.
To ensure you always know what speed the lathe is running at, there is a large digital display showing the current RPM.
The headstock is hollow centred to allow for easy tool removal, the tailstock is also hollow and has automatic centre removal.

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