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Innovation has not been easy to find in the woodworking machinery sector here at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta.
The lathe I own, the Axminster AWVSWL 1200 is actually the predecessor to the AWVSWL 1200D which is identical to mine, but instead has a single phase motor instead of a three-phase. The lathe does have an 18” swing over the bed (not quite as much as the JET) but enough to do some descent sized turnings. The length of turning possible is quite reasonable also, the lathe as standard provides a turning length of 47″ which is most likely longer than anything I plan on making. The lathe does weigh less than most of its competitors at just 180kg, this is still pretty heavy however and pretty difficult to budge. One other small issue I have found with the lathe is the removal of the banjo, and this is probably not one which most people would have. I have enjoyed turning the few projects I have made since aquiring this lathe. It  runs smoothly and the 2hp motor has enough power to cope with even the heaviest cuts which the mini lathe I had before could not.
So I will just conclude by saying that I can thoroughly recommend this lathe to anyone who can afford it, although there are some better lathes out there, there is not much you can’t do on this that you can do on others.
In addition to the bandsaw and drill press, the gold-and-black folks had their new 24” wood lathe on display with renowned turner Nick Cook doing the turning.
Actually, it’s two very similar lathes: both have 36” between centers, but one has a 20” swing with 2-hp motor ($3,300) and the other 24” and 3 hp ($3,900). The blue hue of the DRO along with the beautiful knurled control knob fitted with a rubber grip signals this is no ordinary lathe.

Now this is not a formal tool review but as this lathe is pretty similar in specs to its rival like the Jet 3520 Etc. The lathe did require some assembly of course and it was defiantly a two person job- even in pieces it was pretty heavy and trying to it bolt together on my own would have been unfeasible.
You can also increase this by moving the headstock to the edge of the lathe and turning off the front using the optional extension or a floor standing tool rest. Some of you know I have the need to attach the a router duplicator to my lathe, this requires me to remove the banjo.
Cook, a resident of the Atlanta area, has worked with Powermatic for the last 5 years in developing this lathe, a super-deluxe machine that sells for $7,500. But costs less than half it could be a good alternative for anyone looking for a versatile lathe but without spending much more than ?1000. The lathe is also the same in every way, other than its name and colour, to the Laguna 1847 and also the Jet JWL-1642. One concern I do have is regarding the bearings, the bearings appear to be quite close together and I do wonder if the lathe would have benefitted from them being mounted further apart perhaps enabling it to cope with much heavier turnings. However this didn’t appear to be possible as the bolt holding it to the lathe protruded just slightly too far and hit the end of the lathe stopping me from sliding it off. Among the lathe’s many features is a built-in vacuum system through the headstock spindle that allows you to grip (using a special chuck) a bowl or any other vessel by its already-turned end so you can finish shaping the other end. This feature, according to Laguna president Torben Helshoj, produces greater torque at lower speeds than traditional motors.

General International will continue to make woodworking machines in Taiwan and import these for sale in the U.S.
I am pretty sure in fact they all come out of the same factory, so this lathe is also available to those in the U.S and elsewhere. I will of corse have to wait until I turn a really heavy piece of wood to see if the lathe has any trouble coping. This is certainly not an issue for me, and I still think it looks great! The bed of the lathe is ground sufficiently and everything slid along the bed well.  Some woodturners may feel the need to give it a final polish themselves however. This lathe is almost over-built, made of loads of cast iron and weighing in at nearly 950 lbs. Both lathes have a tailstock mount that swings out of the way so you can slide the headstock down for outboard turning.
A coat of wax allows parts to slide more smoothly but also, if like me, you finish on the lathe, means those splatters of finish which you get on the bed should scrape right off.

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