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Our excellent Polygard Clear and Satin Wood Lacquers produce superior long lasting high quality hardglaze finishes, suitable for both interior and exterior use.For a really proffesional finish use these in conjunction with Polygard Cellulose Sanding Sealer. Available in 5 litre containers in both satin and gloss, Miswa developed its wood lacquer for craftsmen in the joinery and furniture manufacturing industries to weatherproof, preserve and protect wood. Polygard Sanding Sealer has been developed to treat wooden surfaces prior to application of the finishing laquers.

Their smooth finish, high washability and high water resistance makes the lacquers well adapted to be applied directly on woods for ultimate protection and decoration. It produces a uniform, quick drying base that ensures a professional hard wearing finish and may be used with all types of wood. It is suitable for use in conjunction with most tpyes of wood and porous surfaces and may also be used as a general purpose bonding and priming agent in masonry applications.

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