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DIY Pencil Case, just in time for school, although I'm thinking this would be fantastic on *MY* desks at home and at the office too. I’d already picked up two ANTONIUS desk tops from IKEA earlier last year, so I had a starting point of a one-inch thickness of desk surface to build from the top down. I’m really looking forward to finding the right paint color for the walls, but having these desks is miles ahead of where I was a few weeks ago, so I can wait on paint for a bit.

We've been shopping around for a desk for my home office and I'm getting a little sick of finding the veneered crap that sells for $2000+.
I was also thinking about the burl in the desk design last nite and also was thinking it might be too much.
I used an Ikea desktop to make each desk, so you may want to check in with their stores to see if they’ve developed any thinner leg systems since I first built this one.

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