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This kitchen remodel used DIY ideas, color, stainless steel and (lots of) elbow grease to revive a drab '70s kitchen into a family-friendly space. DIY Budget Kitchen Makeover A window from an antique store and two used schoolhouse-style lights brighten up this DIY kitchen. DIY Budget Kitchen MakeoverJosette (seated) with, clockwise, Peter, Elizabeth, Nick and Wolfe Dudle. DIY Budget Kitchen MakeoverPops of poppy red accent the kitchen, in the stools, door and wall decor. DIY Budget Kitchen MakeoverJosette's collection of potato mashers is spotlighted on the windowsill. DIY Budget Kitchen MakeoverA Lance jar, once used in country stores to hold candy and snacks, makes a nostalgic countertop container.
DIY Budget Kitchen MakeoverA retro sugar canister is one of many items the Dudles rescued from antique shops. DIY Budget Kitchen MakeoverJosette and Peter used handyman skills in their kitchen remodel—updating the cupboards and drawers, adding new pulls and knobs.

DIY Budget Kitchen Makeover A salvaged $10 door fit perfectly into the space Peter created for a well-positioned pantry. DIY Budget Kitchen Makeover This "before" shot of the kitchen shows dark cabinets and dated laminate counters that hadn't been refreshed since the '70s. DIY Budget Kitchen Makeover Gluing thin strips of plywood to the cabinet doors gave them them a brand-new look.
Josette and Peter Dudle had all the makings of outstanding DIYers when they bought their Tudor-style fixer-upper 13 years ago.
So 10 months after moving in, the Prattville, Alabama, couple, with a new baby in tow, embarked on their first DIY adventure: a kitchen remodel. On their must-have list for the kitchen remodel: a pantry, an enclosed refrigerator, more workspace and overall brightening. Initially, they sacrificed some precious counter space by removing a peninsula that broke up the flow from the kitchen through a charming archway into the dining room. “Then Peter tore out a few sections of cabinets, resized them and rearranged them ‘Lego style’ to give the room a better balance,” Josette explains. That’s just one of the clever, budget-friendly improvements this resourceful couple dreamed up for their kitchen remodel.

Josette, who loves to bake, still needed a central work area but didn’t want a traditional island with her kitchen remodel. With the stainless sheen and neutral burlap hue of the walls and cabinets, the room needed a spot of color.
Josette figures the kitchen remodel cost between $3,000 and $4,000 and took about five months—and they did it all themselves.
I wondered too how well the painted cabinets would wear, but almost ten years later, they still look great. Other pops of red include small appliances, old tins and other kitchen collectibles, and the back door, relocated from elsewhere in the house and painted poppy red.

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