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A jack plane, including this one, is mostly used to true the surfaces of a board and dimension it.
The next post will discuss securing the board to the bench for jack planing, steps in setting the blade projection, and some particular features of the Veritas BU jack.
Once you have one face flattened, plane the edges flat and perpendicular to the first face.

It follows coarser tools – the mill saw or, if substantial thickness must be removed, the scrub plane. Going significantly higher than this makes the plane simply too hard to push through the wood for this type of work. It is frustratingly difficult to find the middle ground between a shaving that is too light for jack planing and an impractically deep projection, especially if the blade is starting to dull.

It is followed by the jointer plane, if needed, and then the smoothing plane or other methods, such as scraping and sanding, to create a finished surface on the wood.

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