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The technical drawings bellow can be used to create your own Wooden Dummy for training Wing Chun. There are many different types of wooden dummy, the plans on this page are for a traditional wall mounted dummy. When the late grandmaster Ip Man moved to Hong Kong from China there was no where to dig a wooden dummy into the ground as the area is so built up. Traditionally in China a hole was dug into the ground and the dummy was driven in with a little room around the trunk so it could move. In recent years many people rent property or training halls and so cant bolt a dummy to the wall (or dig it into the ground). Somewhere between a portable dummy and the traditional Hong Kong wall mounted version the hybrid has a rack mount that mimics the Hong Kong style but is portable.
This paginate is for armed forces humanistic fortify practitioners which damage to have their own Muk Yan Jong wooden dummy.

This has given rise to the free standing wooden dummy which whilst not as nice to train on as a good wall mounted dummy it does offer a practical and easy to move option.
To assistance a Wing Chun village here’s a focusing upon how to have a offstage Chun Dummy for sort A fragment of a cost. These dummy plans are based around the specifications of Hong Kong Wall mounted Wooden Dummies. The biggest problem is keeping this kind of dummy in one place when training yui-ma and ging. The Wooden Dummy sometimes called the wooden Man is used to practice the Mok Yang Jong form. A large part of the trunk would have to be buried in this way and although a very simple solution it can lead to rotting of the wood and does require being able to dig in excess of 1 meter into the ground. This dummy actually offers a much better feel than the traditional Chinese dummies in many peoples opinion, especially if the back supports are made from a springy wood.

These manikin skeleton have been formed tighten to a specifications of Hong Kong Wall mounted Wooden Dummies. The dummy offers the same amount of movement as traditional ground mounted dummies but can be put on any wall.
Free wooden manikin plans or Paid Plans Tips to assistance we do a developed decisions when structure your have Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. This is not a discerning as well as depending upon a distance of a locus we have been you do wooden manikin plans.

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