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Imagine a storage solution that holds enough firewood to feed your stove for days, hides your matches and fire starters in a drawer, is mounted on hidden casters for easy loading, has stylish wrought iron supports and looks like a custom piece of rustic furniture. To provide some ideas, I show the dimensions of the rack I built, but you can make yours taller, wider, lower, deeper or longer. To read the complete step-by-step plans, download a FREE PDF file that includes pictures and instructions on how to build your own indoor firewood rack. We swapped a couple of emails and he agreed to send some photos and tell us more about his firewood rack he crafted in his basement shop.
Although I have an ample supply of firewood just outside the door, hauling it to the woodstove was a chore. The slab top blends with our rustic decor, adds strength and offers a place for a lamp, photos or flower vase, etc.

Wrought iron frame surrounds the firewood preventing scratches to the base and looks rustically terrific. Although the rack is mounted on casters, it would be difficult to maneuver this around tight corners with a full load of wood. I may be the inventor, but I must report that I have no plans to produce such a product for sale… sorry. An oh yeah, it had to look good to please my bride’s fastidious taste in furniture, and it would be nice to have a place to store matches and fire starters. However, if you are the DIY type and would like to build such a piece for your home, you can get my step-by-step plans with pictures and all kinds of tips and helpful hints. I wanted to match my mission style furniture, but I also knew a rack made out of just wood would not be very durable.

What makes this so useful is that the rack holds about 10 – 12 arm loads of wood saving me about 300+ cumulative steps fetching wood every few hours.
Remember, what I am describing below is how I did it, feel free to plagiarize my total plan or make changes where you think they’ll work for you.

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