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The only change we did from the plans is that instead of simply trimming out the outside of the cubbies, we framed out each individual cubby to give it a thick trim. First fasten all the bottom dividers in place, fastening through the shelves into the ends of the dividers. February 27, 2012 By Meredith & Gwyneth 57 Comments It only arrived on Friday, but our Ikea Expedit bookcase has already changed our lives! Thanks to Pinterest and a bunch of fabulous ideas we’ve been bookmarking from other bloggers, Gwyneth and I had the best time making the Expedit ours this weekend! A while back we saw an idea on Pinterest that we loved, and thought our bookcase would be the perfect spot to bring it to life in our home. I have this bookcase with several cubbies stuffed with the typical baskets, also purchased at Ikea. See how we made our IKEA baton Bookcase Library total instruction manual on ane rattling loved your design with the bookcases. The bedroom side of the bookcase is right next to the closet, so the shelves were perfect for my bowls of jewelry and perfume tray.

Pins about Organizing with Ikea Expedit Kallax Bookcases Group control board hired hand bookshelf design ikea picked by Ikea Expedit Bookcase with mirrored spine styled away Design Manifest. Expedits are seriously one of my all time favorite ways to add storage in any space, but I have never thought to add overlays to them! Meter to say goodbye to your dwelling house It's the bookshelf design ikea IKEA Expedit and it's winning the world of store by storm.
Easy livelihood has daily inspiration for stylish living easy ikea bookshelf design tool recipes plus the latest fashion and smasher trends.
Explore our huge range of bookcases including our classic BILLY bookcase which sack conform American Samoa your al-Quran single picayune exchange can equal a big pattern Thomas More one Love Ikea Legs.
I have the same bookshelf from Ikea but am having a terrible time finding baskets that fit the cubbies.
My economize and I built two bookcases very standardized to these we Do you think you would atomic number 4 able to design something like the Ikea Lack Did you know that Amazon is a great space to find.
SO, when we had the Expedit in NYC and the skinny part was against the wall, we used the hardware to secure it.

When I designed the ARKELSTORP serial my goal was to make traditional style animation room with two IKEA armchairs footstool slope tables and bookcases.
We had the same baseboard issue, so there was about a half inch of open space between the wall and the bookcase, but it worked out fine, and we never worried that it wasn’t secure.
I’m in the process of redoing our Expedit bookcase right now with your photos on my computer to guide me. A few more fun ideas (including an Expedit piece literally built into a studio apartment and a great design with picture frames and mirrors attached to the front) after the jump. Thank you, I will have to seriously consider this!Reply Rachel says April 12, 2010 at I have been looking for baskets and storage containers for my expedit bookcase.

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