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When a computer is to be located more than 300 feet from the nearest Ethernet access point, a device known as a repeater will need to be used in order to maintain a signal that is strong enough to enable network communications. Obviously this process gets a little convoluted due to how some manufacturers chose to label certain features.
Signal distribution in the home can be greatly improved by placing the wireless router at a central location in the home. It’s still possible to connect two wireless routers as if they are connected through wires. In order to improve signal coverage one of the routers must act as wireless repeater.  Other router which is the primary router in the picture can be any normal router. Wireless gateway router, is the router which directly connected to Internet through a DSL or Cable Modem. You mentioned using two wireless routers in access point mode connected by ethernet — this is the configuration that would make the most sense for me, as I have a long ethernet cable spanning the length of the house. While you can go a buy a repeater to ensure that the signal strength is kept at an adequate level, you may already have an inexpensive router in your collection of extra network parts that can also serve as a repeater. Open the manual for your router, and locate the instructions to access the web-based configuration interface. However it’s not always possible to keep the wireless router in the center of the home because, in many cases router is directly connected to a cable or dsl modem.

It can be done by running two wireless routers in access point mode and connecting them with wired Ethernet cable. Router with wireless repeater bridge can connect its local LAN devices along with wireless clients to remote primary wireless router.
The address should be changed so that it is not the same as the main router on the network, or any other network devices. This setting should be on the same page as the IP address, but each router is a little different. This function will be taken over by the main router, or by the ISP that provides the internet connection to your location.
In addition, if the router is a wireless router and has the appropriate settings, disable the wireless access or set it to function as an access point only. After the router boots back up, the changes should allow it to act more or less as a simple repeater. In this section I will show you how to improve signal coverage in home by adding one  more router to your existing wireless router.
However this is not an option for most homes because it needs physical connection between two routers. The security mode and security key must match security mode and security key of the gateway router.

After the password is entered, the router will display its initial status page, with links to the various administration settings.
When the router is operating normally, this server assigns an IP address to every device that is connected to it. Now, you simply move the router to its new location in the middle of the long cable run, connect all the cords, and power it up. Wireless repeater mode lets wired and wireless clients on the secondary router to connect to primary router through inter router wireless link as shown in the picture.
Because this router will be used as a repeater only, the IP addresses will now be handled by the main router on the network.
If the your router is capable of running DD-WRT open source firmware, you can use it as a wireless repeater bridge.
This router will be the only router with DHCP server in entire network.  Setup the security.

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