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If you plan to apply a second coat, be sure to apply it within the first hour, while paint is still wet.
Reclining Patio Adirondack Chair with Pull-Out Ottoman - 204199198Pro Grade Precision 9 in. Use spray paint to add gorgeous hues of coral and magenta with a dash of gold and glitter to your gift wrapping! This DIY wooden bottle tote makes a great gift or the perfect way to carry your favorite wine to your next celebration. We headed to our local True Value to pick up all of the supplies needed to prepare and stain the unfinished chairs for the outdoor elements.
The chairs did not come assembled which worked out as we wanted to stain each piece individually for maximum protection and coverage. The wood was then wiped down with a tack cloth – which has a special sticky coating that removes all of the dust and sanding residue.
You can see how the ZAR semi-transparent stain lightly tinted the wood leaving behind the beauty of the grain and texture.

We plan on bringing the chairs indoors and storing them during the winter months to prolong the longevity of the stain. Our Adirondack Painted Chairs offer the same great quality and construction found in all of our unfinished chairs, but with the added benefit of a painted finish color. Our Adirondack Painted Chairs offers you the same great quality but, with a quality painted finish. We use a -state of the art- spray application system giving you a soft smooth finish you typically may not expect to find in wood outdoor furniture. Our Adirondack Painted Chair offers you the same great quality chair, with a quality painted finish. All Painted Finished Chairs ship “fully assembled” and are shipped motor freight only….
There’s nothing more iconic when it comes to backyard furniture than the classic Adirondack chair. This tutorial will show you how to DIY colorful holiday decor using tomato cages, paint and a few basic supplies.
When sanded, the wood should have a dull, rough appearance – which indicates the pores have been properly opened.

At any point during the project, protective gloves can help keep your hands clean – especially once you get to priming and painting. For an added touch of fun, consider spray painting a decorative stencil on the arms or backs of your new backyard beauties. However, the opinions read here are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.
To add some interest to the chairs we decided to make them two-toned using Manor Brown and Navajo White.

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