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I completed a project last week which was to paint two single car garage doors to look like wood and then to paint the double front doors to match them. Sometimes when I am painting a garage door to look like wood I paint the trim around the door and sometimes I do not. Grosgrain: metal garage door makeover with simple paint, I saw this an just couldn't resist sharing.
How to paint a garage door - youtube, Watch our step-by-step film showing how to paint a garage door, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence. Lowes exterior wood doors, lowes exterior wood doors, Lowes exterior wood doors, buy various high quality lowes exterior wood doors products from global lowes exterior wood doors suppliers and lowes exterior wood doors. I have found a high demand for wood graining garage doors over the past several months so I thought I may as well show what I have been doing with the overhead door demand.
I have seen many attempts to this technique, where oil base products were used and I would just like to warn everyone who is looking to get this done, that you should read the manufacturers label on the backside of your garage door to make sure you, or who ever is going to grain, or even repaint your door, to apply the right product. In Florida it is not recommended to use oil base products on metal overhead doors or any metal door for that matter, because it will crack, peel and actually break down quite rapidly because of the extreme elements that are common here.
I want to Faux finish my garage doors, looking for a step-by-step book or video on How to Do it Yourself.
Thanks for stopping by, Yes this is an older post but the doors still look like the day we did them.

Hi Dee, looks to me from your website you are already in the painting business and I am not sure why your asking.
The first picture was a match to an entry door and was made of a South American mahogany and the colors were similar to a walnut. I always use the Faux Effects line because of their exterior rated colorants, I have a door that I did nearly 10 years ago with this line and it still looks good today the trick to wood graining over head doors is to keep the sun off of them because the acrylics do dry fast and you do not have much time to work with them, so practice before you start any new job. I used to be a painting contractor 15yrs ago and still have the itch to work on my own house. In the meantime I am hosting a class with renowned artsist Sean Crosby on November 9th for mural, marble and wood graining if your interested in learning from one of the best in the business. As a matter of fact I just stopped by a clients house today where I used the same technique 8 years ago on their doors and they still look like the day I did them. I signed up for your newsletters, but i have a a question for you, i would like to do my front door is metal, i would like some tip on how to prep and what kind of product and sealer to use to protect it from the weather . Many of us don't realize what an incredible difference your doors can make to the overall look and feel of your home or building.
I have been contemplating a How To DVD for this technique but have been very busy with commissions that I just have not had the time to put one together.
Generally I use colorants made by Faux Effects for wood and marble along with Faux Creme Clear (glaze) and an open palette.

The front door or garage doors are the first thing anyone coming to your home sees and are key to a great first impression. I have actually had several requests so I think the next set of doors I do I will record the process and produce a DVD in the future. I can tell you that you do not want to use any oil base products on metal doors or overhead garage doors because they will not hold up and will also void the manufacturers warranty. I grain overhead doors differently than I do entry doors and for interior work it’s an all together different process. In the above gallery we have included an assortment of door finishes and color options from just a few of our many door projects. But for the top door I used burnt sienna, raw umber (dark brown), VanDyke brown, Ultramarine blue.
I am an artist and have done several in door murals but I have only ever worked with standard solid painting on an exterior.

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