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ShutterLand’s quality wood exterior shutters are built by hand with time-tested techniques. Components specifications for all of our exterior wooden shutters are prominently displayed on the shutter style page. Beautiful Wood Shutters - Build Interior Wood Louvered Window Shutters was uploaded in October 11, 2015 at 2:01 am. Horizon traditional wood shutters are custom manufactured specifically for the window they are intended to occupy.Production begins with the hand selection of premium quality kiln-dried American hardwood. Just keep in mind, with a frame we can caulk around the edges and hide the out-of-squareness of the window. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind small inconsistencies this mount is very effective in achieving a flush mount without blocking the tilt-in windows. With plantation shutters being the hottest thing in window coverings today, there so many different products; Synthetic, Faux-Wood, Composite, Polymer, Bass-Wood, Teak-Wood, etc, etc. Each exterior wooden shutter panel is constructed from top quality hand-selected solid kiln-dried incense cedar. Since the basic concept of a plantation shutters is that you can simply tilt the louvers to see out… it is very rare that you will open the doors and leave them open. Shutter frames give a more finished look to the edge of the panels and hide many inconsistencies of your windows, drywall, and trim.
The growth conditions of incense cedar makes it ideal for the construction of our high quality exterior wooden shutters and gives long service with little maintenance.

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We have seen customers choose louver size based on the scale of the window or the look they are trying to achieve – traditional, modern, contemporary, etc. Today, new windows or replacement windows have the window grids (muntins) in between the glass that you can not take out anymore like the old wooden ones.Therefore, the tilt-rod does not always line up with those grids and creates busy lines in the window.
Alternate uses for incense cedar include mud sills, window sashes, sheathing under stucco or brick, veneer construction, greenhouse benches, fencing, poles, trellises, and exterior siding. Authentic traditional wedge-shaped louvers are evenly spaced on one inch centers using precision machinery to ensure smooth balanced rotation.
The window will hit the back of the frame while tilting and you will not be able to remove your screens.
Incense cedar is a straight wood that sands and finishes well in final preparation for installation. If you were no able to take the the most beautiful Beautiful Wood Shutters - Build Interior Wood Louvered Window Shutters you are hoping for, you should go for "Search Column" at top right or browse another picture wallpapers whatever you love. The louvers pivot on grooved nylon bushings with stainless steel pins tensioned to reliably maintain any desired position. We do not build exterior wooden shutters from lesser quality woods, like pine, which would reduce costs, but also decrease the life and stability.
A vertical tilt bar unifies the louvers, connected with epoxy coated staples that are guaranteed not to detach.Stained traditional shutters are crafted from basswood, a light grain uniform hardwood.

All traditional wood shutters are backed by a 10 year warranty on workmanship and moving parts. This diminishes opportunities for light to penetrate through the window into the room between the installed traditional shutters.Fully assembled traditional shutters advance to the finishing department. All wood interior shutters are thoroughly sanded prior to being primed and painted or stained. Finished wood shutters are allowed to fully dry before further handling.Finally, individual shutters are assembled into complete units with all hardware and frames attached.
Following a final inspection, traditional shutters are carefully packed into sturdy cartons for shipping.We take great pride in manufacturing the finest quality custom-made wood interior shutters in the industry. Horizon traditional wood shutters are designed and constructed to be enjoyed for generations.It is hard to find, either in home improvement retail stores or on the internet, real traditional wood shutters. Horizon Shutters makes a quality product, at a lower cost than the big name companies on the internet.
We are very pleased with the shutters, considering I found your web-site while surfing the net for wood interior shutters and "took a chance" on ordering.

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