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All shutters we sell are custom manufactured in Houston, Texas to the exact size of each of your windows and to your exact preferences. Below are some options to consider when you are thinking about installing shutters in your Texas home.
There is no difference in pricing between Real Wood Shutters and Poly Shutters so it is best to weigh the features of each and make your decision. Our wood shutters are made of basswood, a lightweight hardwood with a consistent color and a tight grain that naturally resists moisture and takes stain or paint well. Depending upon the width, height and number of consecutive windows you will most likely have several options with how your shutter panels look and operate.
If your window is under 36″ you have the option of choosing a single or a double panel shutter. Shutters designed with a divider rail or in the double hung fashion are a popular choice in bathrooms.
2 ?” louvers for plantation shutters was the choice for many consumers in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The desire for cleaner looks had lead to the 3 ?” louver plantation shutter dominating the market.
Whether to install your shutters inside the window or outside on a frame will depend largely on the depth of window, wall clearance, and if the windows tilt in. At Signature Shutters of Houston, just as our name states, we specialize in fabrication and installation of Plantation Shutters for your Southeastern Texas home or business. This gives you instant privacy, security and shading while your shutters are being custom made for your home.
Shutters are an investment in your home so you want to consider all options and not cut corners.

At Signature Shutters of Houston, our wood plantation shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing the quality, workmanship, and installation for the life of the shutter. From single panel shutters to bi-fold and double hung panels, there are several customizable options. Adding an additional vertical line with 2 panels will crowd the window and make it look busy. Because each panel swings outward to the left and right, a shutter with two panels is also easier to open.
With double hung plantation shutters, you can swing open the top portion of the shutter independently from the bottom. They allow for closure of the bottom louvers for privacy while the top louvers can be left opened for a view and light. Viewed as a traditional plantation shutter, it created a quality, finished window treatment. Not many residences elect a louver this large, but when you want a statement made with a plantation shutter, the 4 ?” does the job! If you desire the capability of total darkness, outside mount shutters block out more light.
Our premium wood shutters can be painted or stained any color and our premium poly shutters can be painted any color. Distinguished designers and interior decorators call on Signature Shutters of Houston for custom shutter help. We can custom match the stain of your trim, cabinets, or furniture so your shutters blend in perfectly.
This allows for greater durability, but it also means that you can have a larger panel size with wood shutters.

Below we will discuss some of these shutter panel options, shutter style options and window treatment terminology. However, the things to consider with this option, is that because these are actually separate panels, they are on separate hinge systems. Our shutters are popular due to high resale value, effective insulation, ability to regulate and block light, and remarkably good looks.
They come in standard white and off-white tones or our premium poly shutters can be custom painted any color. When shutters are built specifically for your windows by Signature Shutters of Houston, you will have lots of choices regarding how they are designed. Because the weight of the poly can cause the shutters to “sag” on the hinges if they are made too large.
When opened however, the additional space between the louvers creates a dramatic, clean look that affords a greater view while still being subtle on your window. Another major issue to address with double hung is the significant light gap that occurs between the top and bottom shutter panels. Well, it determines if you can cover your window using only two shutter panels or if you need to use four panels.

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