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This Old House contributor Christopher Beidel, owner of Pernt, a handmade-furniture company in Brooklyn, New York, grabs some concrete-countertop mix and shows you how to build plywood forms to create striking landscape ornaments. We love this hand-made miniature wagon (goat cart) so much that we've kept it in our own home for more than a year and a half without even thinking about selling it. When assembling a wooden garden planter, look at the design to make sure that the pieces are in the right place.
This is an amateur demonstration of an easy way to make cedar planter boxes from 1X6 fence boards. In this video our wheelwright shows how to make a wooden carriage wheel for a horse drawn vehicle. Up cycling an old wooden pallet using woodworking skills create to a mobile cart or all terrain camera trolley from repurposed or reclaimed wood takes less than an hour with the proper approach. Make your yard bloom with rustic charm as the green leaves of your favorite potted plants or herbs peek out from this outdoor wagon decor. Woodworking dining table plans Download the best rated woodworking guide with over 16k woodworking plans. Using your ruler, find the lengthwise center of one of a spool and make marks at this point around the entire spool, connect the marks in a solid line all the way around the cylinder. While the spool end is standing centered on the spoke guide sheet, make marks on the edge of the spool at each spoke line. Make a small dot at each place where a mark on the edge of the spool and the line at the center of the cylinder intersect. Carefully send your drill down through the hole in the first piece and then down through the second piece of wood.

Using the piece of wood that you first made a hole into as a guide, set it on top of the piece that was cut for the handle. Draw an outline onto the crate around each piece of wood so you can see the placement after you take the handle assembly off. Set the handle assembly in its place and pre-drill two holes through each piece of wood for the screw holes.
Pull back the doweling for one side just enough to put a wood plug into the spool of that wheel. To plant an item like this, it’s easiest to find a container or containers that fit in the base of the cage (instead of trying to plant directly in the cage).
I don’t know how well those wheels would work but this old cart certainly makes a fine planter. This is a great idea—take various metal tubes or cylinders found in home reno supply stores and turn them into planters.
If you’re going to have an all-white shed and window box, be sure to plant eye-popping colours like these ones! This is a clever way to make a planter stand more interesting: add a mirror, or in this case, faux mirror, on the wall behind it to give it greater majesty. I have to say, if it was a choice of cashing this one in as scrap metal or planting it, I’d probably go for the cash.
Start your next project for how to make a wooden wagon planter with one of our many woodworking plans. Assemble the base when building wooden garden planters with tips from a teacher in this free video on gardening.

Our thick wood rails are screwed together, not stapled, and then covered with high quality paint. In this video, Ashton from Bunnings Warehouse demonstrates how to build a planter box for your garden. This first video shows how to make the spokes by hand using a draw knife, spoke shave, and morticing the hubs. This wagon is made from half of a wooden apple barrel and the wooden wagon wheels that are expertly crafted.
Build this attractive wagon completely out of Landscape Timbers and place it in your yard with your favorite flowers planted inside! If not, make sure your spool is centered over the dot on the guide sheet and draw a line around the end of your spool onto the guide sheet, this will be your new inner circle. Every time I think I’ve seen every possible idea for planters, I discover something new.
The wire could be spray painted any colour but I really like how the black looks in contrast to the plants. I could have just planted a raised bed, but the idea of having the pond in an area where we could enjoy it every day as we went in and out of the house was very enticing.
Do not use pressure treated wood in direct contact with any planter soil, especially if you plan to grow herbs or vegetables for human consumption.

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