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The mantel also helps to break up the towering height of the brick.  And once the mantel is decorated, the impact of the brick will be reduced even more.
The construction was quite simple…1” x 8” pieces of lumber, cut to 6 feet long, and then a couple of pieces for the ends. Because I wanted my mantel to look rough hewn, I actually looked for lumber that already had some marks, knots, cracks, etc. With the front, sides, and ends of each piece stained, I then stood two pieces on their edges, and placed one piece on top, as shown below. I then used 150-grit sandpaper to sand away the edges of the veneer so that it would blend into the other pieces and give the appearance of one solid piece of wood. The finished product is a chunky wood mantel that adds warmth to the room, and breaks up the large expanse of brick. Rough hewn corbels could be added to give the mantel an even chunkier, more substantial look.
I was so excited at this point, I did a dry fit, to make sure mantle cap fit over the existing brick mantle. BONUS: This DIY Wood Mantel fit over the brick mantel so snugly, it required no anchoring or gluing. Filed Under: DIY Projects Tagged With: DIY, DIY Wood Mantel, Home Decor, MantelAbout Sherri Reyes…just a small town girl, on a mission to rescue and re-home neglected and unwanted furniture! Here we wanted to see how a layer of old weathered fence wood would look over the pine structure.  We were excited to see that it really tied in all to colors of the stone wall. This is how we decided to miter and wrap the corners.  We didn’t have enough wood to cover the top and bottom, but you don’t really see those very much (especially since it is stained to a similar grayish color)  and it makes the top easier to dust without getting slivers!
Here is a link to our faux mantel that we built in Texas, just in case you didn’t get a chance to see it finished. Faux wood fireplace mantels may be a good choice for you if you’re looking to spruce up the look of your fireplace design quickly and inexpensively without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Below are a few more examples of previous customers who installed faux wood mantels in their own homes. Bernadette from Sherwood Park, AB in Canada was getting growing increasingly frustrated in her search for an old barn beam to create a mantel that would coincide with her rustic tastes. Which makes this a perfect project for renters, as it can easily be removed with no damage to the existing structure. The average DIY’er can install one of these mantels in just a day – leaving you lots of time to decide what’s going ON the mantel, whether you want to display photos, awards, decorative pieces or anything else that conveys your sense of home. Then we used our handy dandy HomeRight paint sprayer and painted the pieces we were using to build the mantle.
I guess if you were looking for a really  simple mantle, at this point you could be done. If you’re interested in how we did the rest of this fireplace wall, check out these posts. When you were talking about a mantel, I couldn't really envision it, but I whole-heartedly agree with your choice.
I am about to start this project but I can’t find the wood veneer that THIN anywhere. I’ve been wanting to do this to our mantel and never even thought to add the veneer to the ends.
Once I knew everything fit together nicely, I went ahead and added wood screws, because the finishing nails will pop out easily. This project however was a whole new beast that we have never faced before, a stone wall…. After we found the right height, we leveled a string from wall to wall, to use as a guide where the top of the mantel would go.  We also taped where the edge of the mantel would go for reference when we started drilling holes. The faux wood mantel looks beautiful and was easy to install onto my newly constructed hearth.

For more fireplace design ideas using faux wood mantels, check out our gallery of fireplaces or browse through the many styles of fireplace mantels available. We are very excited to finally have a house with a fireplace, we’ve always wanted one, but never had one (which is why we built this faux mantel before). But I was hoping for a more finished look, and I wanted the mantel to look more like one big chunk of wood. Besides the 4×4, we only used four boards from the hardware store to build our mantle.
The front piece of wood should have been 2 inches longer to hide the edges of the two side pieces. We decided to stain it gray, incase any portion of the pine it showed through the joints of the weathered wood.  The images below show the sequence of the weathered wood installation. We actually bought a pre-fab mantel a year ago at a yard sale but have been researching how to install it forever and couldn’t find a set of concise instructions!
If you’d like to try to build your own wood mantel, be sure to adjust the measurements for your space. I know it has been a long time coming, but we finally figured out how to build a floating fireplace mantle, and we’d love to show you how we did it!
I made the mistake of cutting all 3 pieces to the same length, but you’ll need one piece of lumber 2 inches longer across the front of the mantel, to hide the side pieces. So my little partner, Noah and I used hammers, screw drivers and chains to mark and scar the wood.
Here is where I realized my mistake in cutting all three of the longer pieces to the same length.

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