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I have been wanting a room divider for quite some time, and around Christmas my husband actually made me the frames for one. The pattern went across the fabric, which would normally be okay, but since I was making long panels, I had to make it longer. Then I cut the fabric into the correct size for each screen frame, leaving a fairly large overlap since I wanted it to wrap around the frame.
Then, using the staple gun and my hubby to help me hold the fabric tight, I stapled it on to the frames.

DIY room dividers are perfect way to maximize a small space, and also are great as decorating focus point.
The stack of to-do lists, bills to be paid, and papers to go through don't scream relax, either; they scream something entirely different. I just cut the fabric in half and sewed the pieces on top of each other to make it long enough. If you’re looking for some more imaginative room divider ideas to create different living areas in a small space or to section off a large room, then you will get answer from this roundup of 24 spectacular ideas.

It also hides the outside world, which is contained on my desk.To make this divider, the sewing was the easiest part!

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