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Add character and charm to your home, and watch the weather, too, with whirligig wind vanes.
Whirligig wind vanes come in many variations, but The Woodchopper is among the more popular. There comes a time in even the busiest of days when we really must—no matter how important the task—rest our backs and minds.
However, to quiet the little twinge of guilt that comes from leaving the main job (or perhaps just to give direction to the period of relaxation), many folks occupy themselves, while resting, with an activity of less "importance."I call these interludes "puttering time", and I've come to realize that just such odd stolen moments were likely responsible for many of the cherished wooden toys—the whittled kitchen gadgetry, the primitive art, and even the heirloom furnishings—of another era.
Wind vanes are a case in point: these spare-time-made gimmicks demonstrate the inventiveness of the builder, add charm and character to the home place, and are simply fun to make and watch.

The WoodchopperEach of the three spinners described here can be constructed in an hour or two (depending on the manual skill and whims of the builder) out of nothing more than a few scraps from the workshop floor and a little imagination.Probably the most traditional of these is "The Woodchopper," a design that's been repeated often—with modifications—over the years. A model of this particular pattern chopped incessantly on my Uncle Roy's barn for over half a century until the building finally collapsed after years of neglect and a heavy snow. With this novel arrangement, a relatively small fan can produce the energy requited to drive the whirligig mechanism.
The distance from the center of the disk to the dowel will determine how active the chopper becomes. A tail vane, however, isn't required, as the washerwoman figure will keep the fan aimed into the wind.After the moving parts have been assembled, screw or glue the "tub" in front of the figure.

Then, as the wind turns the blades, the lever will cause the jointed arms to move up and down in a "scrubbing" motion.The construction of each one of these whirligig vanes is pretty self-explanatory. It would seem a far better use of "puttering time" if each person built a vane according to his or her own skills and inclinations (painting it if desired), rather than simply copying someone else's handiwork.After all, it's the "original touch" that turns spare-time work into treasure.

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