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Having an above ground pool may not seem as luxurious as having an inground pool, but if you have seen any deck designs of above ground pools you will see that you can have a deck built to the top of your pool and with many different customizations they can be just as elegant as an inground pool. There are many different decisions you will need to make before getting your deck built, including: location, size, shape, height, wood, and stain. Where you put your pool and deck is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make for this project. You might hear the word deck and think of of attached to your house, and that you will have to put your above ground pool very close to your house. The size of your pool deck is very dependant on your budget, the amount of space you have in your backyard, and the size of your pool. You can also buy your your above ground pool and deck all at once,  with our above ground pool deck kits.
New For 2016 Legacy Pool Liner Mil ChoicesNow You Have Your Choice In Liner Mil Thickness On Legacy Pools. The World Is In Our PoolsNo matter where you are in the world, we have some special pools packaged and priced just for you! Over the last few years many other portable pool companies have come and gone, but Legacy Pools has remains strong. If you would like to know more about what makes a hot tub better than another, you should read How to Buy the Best Hot Tub. Pumps, horsepower, and the number of jets are often one of the first specifications customers ask about when looking for a hot tub. If you are looking into getting a salt water pool or converting your current pool into a salt water pool, you are at the right place. It is commonly believed that salt water swimming pools are extremely salty and similar to swimming in the ocean. Salt Water Systems do not replace another system on your pool, they are an available option that allows you to add salt to your above ground or inground pool instead of chlorine, and the salt water generator will create chlorine from salt.
More Complex – If you have a chlorine pool now and it becomes dirty the easiest way to clean it up is to add more chlorine. Potentially Damaging to Pool Accessories – There have been reports of fixtures, heaters, underwater lights, and liners getting bleached white or damaged. If you have read through the pros and cons and discovered that a salt water pool is for you, here are the next steps to getting set up.
Choosing the Right Chlorine Generator – We have already learned that Chlorine Generators (Salt Chlorinators) convert plain salt into chlorine that sanitizes swimming pools. Test Your Water and Eliminate Phosphates – Phosphates are the main meal for algae, as well as causing scale build-up inside your salt cell. If you need anything from having your water tested to having an pool built with a custom deck and and concrete patio we are here and able to help.
If you happen to have a swimming pool and a hot tub you may think you can save money buy using the same chemicals for both of them to save money. Backyard Leisure, the Local Leading Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Dealer is adding fiberglass pools to their current lineup of inground pools. Fiberglass is the future of ingound pools, because of its lightweight, extremely strong, and tough material.
Because Backyard Leisure has a turn-key operation, they will handle every aspect of the pool installation from gaining permits and passing safety inspections to adding water features, and custom landscaping. By the end of this article you should be able to answer these questions, and you will be more knowledgeable and ready to buy the above ground swimming pool you have always wanted! Before diving into the the buying process, (pun intended) you will need to think about who is going to be using the pool the most out of your family. Even If your pool is only going to be used by one or two people at a time, you will need to think of what this pool will be used for.
Continuing from who is going to be using this pool we will have to find what pool is going to be the best one for you.
Picking out the location for your above ground pool is usually not very difficult if you have enough space for it in your backyard. Because above ground pools are now built so substantially and will last for decades, it is very popular to build a deck around your pool. As we have covered most of the reasons on why to get an above ground pool in the who section, you should know why you should consider getting your pool from Backyard Leisure. We are the only local pool company to sell stainless steel panels to make your pool last for a lifetime.
We build decks, and are able to make any type, height, and style of deck that will fit your pool perfectly. If you have been waiting for either an inground or above ground swimming pool and not been able to decide when to take that fantastic step and get the pool of your dreams, you may need to start thinking sooner than later. We are currently almost finished with our last selection of 2012 above ground swimming pools. Getting an inground swimming pool has a few more steps to take before you are in and swimming compared to an above ground pool. We encourage you to take a look at our Pinterest Page to see our previous customers pools to get ideas on what you can do in your own backyard!
For Non-Chlorine (Baquacil) Pools: use the same basic process as chlorine pools do, just with different items to add to your pool. Homeowners also experience another huge advantage when opting for an above ground swimming pool.
These pools may not be for everyone, but for many families that are on a budget, they are a great option. These are just a few steps to keep your pool clean and running, giving you years and years of enjoyment. In the rare occasion when your family is not using the pool table, they are beautiful pieces of furniture that will spark conversations with friends who come to visit. For couples, owning a pool table can provide an opportunity to have friends over and can be the center of attention at your party! If you’re looking for a beautiful new billiard or pool table, you don’t have to look any further than Backyard Leisure. Even if you have an inground pool budget, looking into having an above ground pool with a custom deck can often be a more usable alternative.
You will want your pool far enough away from your house so it is not out your back door, but close enough your can keep an eye on anyone that is swimming in it.
However, there are many amazing pool designs that allow your to build a deck unattached to your house, plus you may have more options of shape and size if it is a stand-alone feature. Decks can come in any size, from simply a wooden ladder to a small surface making a single entrance to your pool to having a full wrap-around deck with enough room for a table, grill, hot tub, and enough walking room for your whole family. If you want a 360 degree walk around pool, sun tanning chairs, or have a special location built just for eating, or grilling. Decks can either be built just to the bottom side of the top rails, or they can be built higher than your pool and overhang on top of the top rails. Your deck will be out in the elements and will hold up better if built with treated lumber, but having one built around a pool will get wet much more often. However most decks will be made of real wood and will need a stain to keep them looking new and lasting through all of your pool parties. The options are endless, you can build partial decks, full decks, expanded decks, decks for portable pools too. Since this pool will last you 30 years or more you want a pool that will grow with your family. You should at the very least have a general idea of how much you want to spend, know the reasons why you want to one, know the amount of seating you want it to have, and also how much room you have in the location you are going to set it up. However, when filled hot tubs can weigh as much as 6,000 pounds, so if you are planning on putting one on your deck you need to make sure that your deck is structurally capable of holding the weight.

You can actually save hundreds of dollars when buying from a big box retailer or from an online retailer, but what you don’t know is that there hot tubs are usually stripped down, noisier,and not built to last. The number of seats is a major component when picking out a hot tub, but many customers don’t think about how big the footwell is, then immediately regret not thinking about it when their hairy-toed uncle comes over for a dip and takes up the entire footwell. However, the rarity of many of those problems shows that they may have occurred from the incorrect installation of your system. When picking out a Chlorine Generator it is a good idea to get one that will be able to chlorinate your entire swimming pool.
We carry every chemical that you would need for your hot tub or pool, Toys and floating seats for the kids, patio furniture, saunas, pool and hot tub accessories such as steps and rails. They are now the only Raleigh and Greensboro dealer to sell all three of the most popular types of inground pools, including; concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass inground pools. These pools are constructed with five separate layers, adding strength, durability and beauty to every pool. Many retailers will sell a steel wall section (instead of a stainless steel), which even if you have the highest quality pool, it is only as strong as its weakest link.
The first is in the fall, when summer is over and you will most likely not use you pool until the next summer. If you are going to add a deck to your pool you will have to figure out how big you want the deck, and if you want that deck connected to your house or standing alone.
If you get your pool from us, you have access to our support, service, installation, chemicals, advice, and much more. Not only are we offering the biggest savings of the year, but if you have your swimming pool installed now you will have all spring and summer to swim in your own personal swimming pool.
Backyard Leisure was awarded with an A rating for exceeding expectations with quality hot tubs and quality above ground swimming pools. When you buy a hot tub or swimming pool from Backyard Leisure you can be assured that you purchased the best quality hot tub available to you. If you have recently bought an above ground pool and do not know how to properly winterize it, here is a easy step by step guide on what you need to have an when you should start the process.
Depending on the pools that you choose to compare, you may not see much of a difference in the physical structure.
The installation of an in-ground pool takes much longer than an above ground swimming pool, robbing you of your immediate gratification. In many cities, including Raleigh and Greensboro, aboveground pools are not considered permanent structures. An above ground pool can turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat during the harsh summer season.
One of the biggest benefits of having an above ground pool is having the ability to simple replace the liner. Many people in the Raleigh and Greensboro areas of North Carolina decide to include above ground pools and luxurious hot tubs and spas to their space. The temperatures in Greensboro and Raleigh are mild enough year round, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy above ground pools in the summer, and Jacuzzis and hot tubs all Autumn and Winter. Having a pool table as a focus in your family room is a fantastic way to liven up your house and to make it the place where everyone wants to be!  In fact, they’re a great addition to get you through the colder temperatures of Fall and winter here in North Carolina. We’d be happy to walk you through our variety of billiards and pool tables, different sizes, and beautiful finishes.
If you have a room that does not get used often, putting a pool table in there will help revitalize the room and let you get the most out of your home.
A pool table can be the focus of the party (such as hosting a tournament among friends) or can provide entertainment during a bigger get-together.
If you have small children you may want to consider having an unattached deck so they are able to go outside without you having to worry about them walking by the pool every time, or you could fence off the pool with a locked gate. Building a separate area of your deck either lower or higher than around your pool will separate your spaces and give a more luxurious feel. They will not splinter (extremely important for a pool side deck), and they don’t need to be stained and maintained every few years. Available with surrounding fences or notThese deck kits are also available separately for your existing pool. The water in a salt water pool does contain salt, but it is on a much smaller level than ocean water (35,000 parts per million). We won’t go into complexity of how chlorine is produced, just know that chlorine is generated from the salt you add to your pool. If you have a pool that holds 20,000 gallons of water, your Chlorinator should be able to generate at least that amount. You can sometimes find bags that are specifically made for pools, but they are no different than other salt, just different packaging. We will move, install, or fix your hot tub or swimming pool whether you bought from us or not. You should time how long it takes to fill your hot tub then make sure to set a timer the next time you fill it. Owner Chris Scott stated that “Alaglas was the obvious choice for fiberglass pool manufactures because they have some of the highest quality and assortment of fiberglass pools in the United States”. Backyard Leisure has been devoted to installing the highest quality swimming pools in an effort to create a great backyard experience for not only current customers, but for their generations to come. Discounted prices can often be found because there has been a slowdown of pools being built.
This is not a problem for newer above ground pools, but some older pools have buttresses that stick out up to 3 feet on the sides. From our outstanding warranties to our sales and customer service staff, We are here to make your hot tub or pool purchase one that you will wonder why you didn’t visit us sooner.
Just like with chlorine pools you should wait 4 hours inbetween each item to let the pool circulate them throughout. Due to installation costs, water capacity, and maintenance and upkeep costs, you will notice a huge savings when you invest in an aboveground pool! This means that homeowners do not have to worry about zoning and permits when placing their structures.
Your pump should run at a rate of 1 cycle in the winter, 2 cycles during the summer and anywhere in between there in the fall and spring depending on how many leave land in your pool. For families with young children, owning a pool table in Raleigh can help them develop important hand-eye coordination skills.
Our pool tables and billiards create an enjoyable environment that your family can enjoy year round.
A beautiful pool table is not only a conversation piece, but is able to bring a family together for game night.
No matter what, playing pool with friends is a fun and relaxing way to have people come visit your house. Come by our Greensboro or Raleigh location and let us show you our billiard and pool table options. Just like on a deck you should make sure your hot tub will sit level without sinking, so cement slabs are great spots.
The two biggest factors going into buying from one store over another is price, and customer service.
That being said, the main areas you need to focus on when picking out the best hot tub are, energy efficiency, comfort, building materials, therapy, as well as care and maintenance.
The benefit of having a rotationally molded plastic shell is the overall weight will be dramatically decreased making changing locations very easy.
The pool water is actually much closer to the level of salt in human tears, which has only 3,200 ppm. The amount of salt you use depends on the size of your chlorinator and the size of your pool.

The most cutting edge technology is used in the manufacturing process and materials making their fiberglass pools. Because they are already pre made, installation of fiberglass pools is often much shorter than the installation of concrete or vinyl-lined pools.
If you would like to see our new line of inground fiberglass pools or simply want more information, please contact us today! Anyways, back on topic, you are going to have to make sure that you have a pool big enough to fit the amount of people you want over for your pool parties.
If you just want to relax a round pool can be slightly cheaper than an oval pool, but if you want to swim laps, there is no beating an oval pool. A resin pool will have steel walls, but the other structural components are made out of a high quality heavy-duty plastic. Just make sure that if your have a surface even with the top of the pool like a wrap around deck that you are able to keep it free from kids that you won’t want playing without supervision. We install every type of inground swimming pool including, vinyl-lined, fiberglass, and concrete. The main reason for winterizing your pool is to keep it from freezing as well as keeping it clean for the next season. Finally, add the winter stain and scale and let the pool run and circulate for 4 more hours.
The machinery involved makes more than a large hole for your pool liner—it also makes a mess of your backyard! There is also no worry of these pools raising your property taxes or negatively impacting your home’s resale value! Also in the summer you can add schock (calcium hypochlorite) to your pool to wake up the dormant chlorine. Continue building this relaxing and fun setting outdoors as well to create a backyard oasis! Additionally they will learn critical thinking and strategy skills as they begin to understand the game and learn how to plan the best moves.
After a long day at work, you can invite a few friends over and help each other unwind with a little bit of competition.
Whenever you need a hot tub, swimming pool, sauna, chemicals, service, installation, or anything else backyard related don’t hesitate to call or stop by.
Steel pools are corrosion resistant because of their multiple layers of protective coating, however resin pools are corrosion proof.
First of all you will be able to use your pool without having to wait for months until the weather warms up. Taking the time to properly close your pool can save you time and headaches when it comes time to open your pool again.
We recommend plugging your skimmer and return instead of lowering the water level of your pool. We recommend placing all of your fitting, plugs and caps in a ziplock bag and putting them in you strainer so they can easily be found again when you open your pool in the spring. Another helpful chemical is sodium bromide, which basically makes the chlorine in your pool more effective. Homeowners who choose to continue building this luxurious environment in their outdoor space are able to increase their amount of livable area.
The heated water circulating in the pool are wonderful for working out tense muscles, reducing strains, and easing pain in your neck, back, and joints. For families with elderly adults, a pool table can help individuals maintain their fine motor skills. If kids start playing early, pool can help them develop hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking. Laying your decking over your top rails can leave the ends of boards facing the pool, which can eventually splinter.
Make sure there is adequate drainage so rainwater will not build up or if you need to drain the water it drains away from you hot tub and house.
If you have read Building a Deck for your Above Ground Pool, you will have read the difference between different types of wood used and their pros and cons.
Common practice is to add a third of your pools water capacity onto the size of the chlorinator. The salt can be directly added to your pool and the water will be circulated through the salt generator. The sizes are nearly endless, ranging from kiddie pools that are 5’ by 7’ up to a 16’ by 40’ that is 8’ deep.
If needed however, an above ground pool can be dug slightly into the ground giving you up to 6′ of total depth.
Resin pools are the highest quality of above ground pools making their upfront cost higher, however having a corrosion proof pool will save you money in the long run. Second, many pool manufacturers will give deep discounts on their previous model year swimming pools. Starting at only $1999 you can get a high quality pool that will last you years, and you will be able to use it during the peak summer months… If you act fast.
This keeps from wasting the chemicals you added to your pool, You will not have spend time draining your pool, and refilling it in the spring, and this will also increase the efficiency of your air pillow that is used in the last step of this process. Your filter and these chemicals will clean your pool very well, but it is still recommended to drain your pool and refill it with fresh water every 5-10 years. Some medical studies even suggest that these pools can reduce stress, boost your metabolism, and help you detoxify your body. One great option to bring the family together is investing in a quality pool table or billiards set up! If you have teenagers, it will help you ease your mind as a parent because you know where they are.  If you are a couple without kids, owning a pool table can make your house the place to be among friends. Some hot tubs are built more for entertaining while others are better at therapy and relaxation. However, with a little extra hassle you will end up with way more power to power your sound system, lights, pumps, and other accessories. For example, your 20,000 gallon pool should have a chlorinator with at minimum a capacity of 26,666. These pools are becoming some of the most popular pools because of their high resale value better coping, superior strength, outstanding finishes and lower lifetime cost.
The problem is that once the previous years pools have been sold, the discounted prices are gone until the next season.
There is a short process to get your above ground swimming pool up and running, especially if you want to be ready for the the hot summer months.
There are a few more smaller factors that go into an inground pool, but as far as the time of year is concerned, the best time to buy in now.
Playing pool with your closest friends is a fun way to get your friends to visit your house. You can also read this article that explains more about the best time to buy a swimming pool. The myth that pools are cheaper in the off-season is often thrown around, however since many people decide to install their pools in the off season, material suppliers will often raise their prices making it less advantageous to purchase in the off-season.
You will also want to get one or two air pillows depending on the size of your pool that go under your cover so that fall leaves and rain does not collect on your pool cover.

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