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Forno Bravo has a great series of e-books available for free download on its web site (registration required).
The Forno Bravo forum has 5,000 registered members, and is the largest online brick oven forum. How to build a high-temperature pizza- and bread-baking oven from easily-obtainable materials and avoid the use of expensive refractory bricks. The Working Principle This oven works on the convection principle: A fire burns in the back of the oven. Some design thoughts A bread-baking oven typically has a thick internal layer made from a solid, heat-retaining material (i.e. I decided to keep the pizza oven at a low level so that one can look into the oven when seated. The inner layer of the pizza oven needs to be made from a material that is heat resistant and can hold a lot heat (i.e. The outer shell is a layer of standard builders mortar (cement & sand) on a matrix of chicken mesh. You will need make or buy the following tools for a happy pizza making experience: - A tool for inserting and removing the pizza into the oven.

4 x100 liter bags of Vermiculite - also known as Perlite - obtainable from a building supplier. The fire is started in front part of the oven, and when it is ablaze, it is pushed into the back.
When the oven is ready, the cooking surface needs to be prepared by sweeping the any ashes either into the fire or out of the entrance using a natural bristle broom dipped in water. At heart an engineer, musician, polyglot, cook, computer programmer, wood worker, brewer and hacker.
20 minutes before pizza time: push coals to back of oven with hoe, remove ashes from oven floor with scuffle (a damp cloth through an eye hook on the end of a stick).
You'll need lots of room: room for all those toppings, room to roll out the dough, and room to assemble and cut pizzas.
The bottom layer in the oven is a material of high thermal mass (thick terracotta tiles in our case) that is heated up by the radiation from the dome and also by the conduction of heat from the fire. I just know it is ready for use when it feels much hotter than my domestic oven set to maximum temperature.
I've often thought about building a wood burning pizza oven, this is one to file away for future reference, thanks.

You can make a fruit pie or galettes in the oven after the pizzas for dessert if you're feeling adventurous. I also measure the exhaust temperature on the chimney and when it exceeds 300 DegC (because that is how my temperature measuring device will go), then I know that the internal heat is well above that we are ready to go. When I asked for vermiculite in a builders' supply shop here in the UK, the nice man behind the counter gave me a moster big sack that had Perlite written on it.
You can test the convection process by dropping a few drops of water on the bottom layer of the oven: the resulting vapour should move into the oven towards the fire, not the other way around as you would normally expect. I've cooked gallettes on a metal baking sheet with the coals still in the oven and the door open.

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