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How to build a window seat – adding extra storage space, This storage bench is designed as a built-in window seat.
To determine the length of the outer 2×4 supports (item 2), measure out from the rear wall 24 inches or less if your seat will be smaller. Measuring along the 45 degree bay area walls, determine the distance between item 1 and item 2 and cut two, 2×4’s (item 3)to this dimension. Depending on the width of your bay window seat with storage, you will need to add 3 or more seat deck supports item 4. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Since bay windows are not all created equal, you'll need to measure the angles of the walls.
Your vision of how you'd like your window seat to look will also determine the supplies you need to acquire. For a project of this size, I find it easier to build a faceframe in my shop as opposed to installing each board individually. Ohgeez this looks like the window seat set up I illustrated for this children's book for a woman close to Toronto. Enter the email associated with your account and we will send you your username and a temporary password.
March 11, 2015 I’m not sure exactly when my affinity for window seats began, but I can remember loving them even as a little girl.
Building a window seat or banquette across a straight wall is a bit simpler than constructing one in a bay window.

Instead of hugging the corners of the bay or bow window, another option is to build your seat straight across the window. If you are considering building your own window seat, you don’t have to forge ahead completely on your own! These next two banquettes do not include tutorials but they are helpful links in case you want to build a wrap-around banquette and see some in-process photos. For instance if your existing bay window is only 22 inches deep your seating area should only be 20 inches deep, or about 2” less than the depth of your window area. I reused a cabinet face frame and doors in addition to the upper sides of a wall oven cabinet for the seat.
Almost a splitting image except there was also an a window at the top, the room was white and it was a stormy night. In college, I begged my dad to drive up 5 hours from Virginia to Philadelphia to build a window seat for my college dorm room. Pedestal tables are obvious choices for these nooks and allow you to maximize your seating around the table. This allows for more curl-up-and-read-a-book space but may decrease the number of seats offered.
The whole thing looks very similar to your and my wife and daughter are ecstatic with the result. A storage space under a seat is a really smart idea as it is a combination of 2 useful functions.
The cabinets give you instant built-in storage and can be painted to match surrounding furnishings.

Adding drawers, and lift-storage to the banquette is a great way to have your seating area work double duty. I’m actually leaning more towards this option for my own space because it seems easier to build and I like the idea of curling up with a book in my breakfast nook! She even shows you how to appropriately move your air-vent in case you need to redirect your vent.
The storage can be used for multiple purposes like for magazines or throw pillows that people often use while sitting on the window seats and enjoying the scenery. My dad built me a small window seat-ledge that could easily be removed at the end of the year, and I adored that little nook! Window seats expand your seating area, making them perfect additions to the kitchen. I love how the following window seats were carved out of spaces that would otherwise be wasted. I’m currently contemplating adding one to our kitchen bay area and have been gathering some design inspiration. Here are 25 kitchen window seat ideas for you with my design observations and a few links at the end foe do-it-yourself window seat tutorials.

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