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The first, and probably hardest, step in making an MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) honing disk is finding the MDF. The idea to the honing disk is that you can easily use it when ever your tool starts to dull a little. Figure 8 shows honing a roughing gouge on a spindle mounted Honing disk while a turning square is still mounted.
When using a turning tool, the bevel of the tool rests against the work and is therefore the reference surface used to guide the direction and depth of cut.
First, buy a good grinder (1725 rpm maximum) with a “blue stone” (gray burns tools) available through retailers dedicated to turning supplies, online or otherwise. Next, buy one of several grinding jigs dedicated to turning tools available at the same retailers.

Turning tools are more akin to planer knives than bench chisels considering the lineal feet they cut in a short space of time. Most woodworkers are familiar with honing a secondary bevel on a cutting tool to make it sharper by tilting the hone off the bevel by a couple degrees. The price of the grinder and jig will be more than offset by the tools that you don’t grind away because you remove practically no material each time at the grinder. Even if you are an experienced woodworker, sharpening woodturning tools is counter-intuitive to sharpening flat woodworking tools.
If honing is required, equal pressure is applied to the tip and heel at the same time, maintaining the line through the two points leaving the reference surface intact.
Understanding the difference makes your woodturning experience enjoyable rather than frustrating.

Imagine, for a moment, a plane with the iron out even just a fraction too far and you have the idea of an uncontrolled cut. Because the bevel is the reference surface on a turning tool, honing only the edge eliminates the bevel as a control surface. Understanding what you want a tool to do is important as far as profile, sharpening angle is moderately important but at times you need a specific angle but typically once you are more experienced.

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