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WOODWORKING TOOLS, Homemade, for boatbuilding and link to Yakaboo site, handcrafted wooden boxes. I prefer not to have a tool tray on top of the bench as I want all that surface for clamping and working.
This grinder was converted to a sharpening and honing machine with paper wheels and homemade tool rest.
Parts list in the top right advice and angstrom unit bombastic filling of tools for atomic number but. I know the satisfaction of making something yourself as I make things all the time, but I just don’t make tools.
And like Franco said you can buy older and very well made tools for almost give-away prices.

Hand tool proficiency may or may not be demanded ever, but definitely not as a first issue.
Tool making is one of those general skills that signals an expert level mastery of the field: Not only can you do anything with the tools, but you can build them too. I myself am guilty of buying but this post has now inspired me to invest in tools and think more in line with repairing and making.
I hope you enjoy looking at these tools and that maybe you will be encouraged to make your own. All you need to bootstrap a woodworking workshop is some wood, some flat steel (used saw blades or scrapers), a saw file, and a hacksaw blade, in principle—maybe an even more fundamental bootstrapping is possible.
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If you're new here, this blog will give you the tools to become financially independent in 5 years. Completely agree with all of your statements regarding making tools, though a proper hacksaw is essential for regular use, and usually very cheap from garage sales, flea markets etc. But with that said I don’t make many of my own tools as I buy good tools that will last a lifetime. Garage sales and barn sales are full of tools that are better made then all of us could make.

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