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Yeah the one thing that I thought this lift needs is a more secure way to lock it in place. Primal, I got an old lift here we could smuggle in:) they never look for people smuggling stuff from the US to South America!!! I hear you lucky, I will be working on the lift with the money I make from this job, I have broken MANY bones over the years and now now they are all reminding me of all the FUN that I have had. I tryed to get the plans online too but cant get my card to work , bank sait all good on this end, talked to them on AFAB end and he said all good on his end so here I am with no plans. Here Are The Fine Details and Features That Set This Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift From All The Others!
We ran FEA on the weakest link which is the safety bar that should hold the platform in the event of a hydraulic cylinder failure.

Light Duty Motorcycle Lift Build! Here's my completed light duty motorcycle lift table for my 150cc bike! And you'll find that it will be quite simple to build as well.These motorcycle table lift blue prints have all the measurements and angles you need to make it simple for you to build.
As with all of our plans, the best feature of our plans is that we provide you with different angle views which makes them much easier to follow, and therefore build.
Although this lift can hold a lot more weight, we would rather have a safety factor instead of pushing it to it's limits.
I was just hoping that someone might have some plans I could get a copy of to make things easier. By the way I did not buy the plans, though it is a fatr price, I am just using the picture for a material guied.

Now I am going to need to build a bike lift and have searched Google for some free plans but have not had much luck. Anyway back to the subject at hand, I did go to the metal junkyard again the other day and scored the beginnings of the lift.

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