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My first version had the bulb and fixture inside with only a small roof hole for the wires, but my dog has a big head that feels no pain and she managed to break the bulb.
Mother Earth has a design for a solar heater which we used quite successfully to heat an unheated breezeway during the winter in Michigan. Build the box , taller then wide , any size desired , more area , more energy.SEAL ALL CORNERS,JOINS WITH SILICONE RUBBER.
Insulate box if possibly on outside with polystyrene inch thick , glue on with silicone rubber.
Obtain sheets of glass the right size to cover the entire face of the box so as glass sits on foam seal .
Run both pipes into chosen heated room , the bottom pipe to floor level , the top pipe to head level. Refinements : Fit fan to heatbox inlet, (fit to end of pipe inside) variable speed fan is best , maybe 100 watts and control with time clock so fan turns off at sunset.

Refinements : Fit mirrors to either side of box supported at approx angle of 60 degrees to front of box . The space between the cans are important the air molecules would store higher heat volume before the exit the box and into dwelling. Air absorbs very little heat anyway so the temperature of the emerging air from the heater is not so important as the volume of air passing through the heater. As long as the air exiting the box is say 20 degrees or so above the input temperature all is well .Thats why its better to have a variable speed fan pumping the air through the box . You can build this diy chicken coop cinder block heater that uses a light bulb to keep the water warm. This will greatly increase heat collection during day and particularly at beginning and end of day. If it was a flat space the air would simply pass to quickly threw the box it would need a drag system inside to force the air to absorb the heat.

Start by cutting the bottom with the saw or a heated kitchen knife so as to end up with a plastic cylinder (the cover of the bucket is not needed). I was telling him about putting a heat lamp in the dog house, when your post showed up on my newsfeed. Mattar graciously lent me his kerosene heater, which did an okay job of taking the bite off the chill. I left an inch or two of space between the tops of the columns and the top of the box to permit air to flow out of the columns. Bought a couple elbows and T-fittings and whipped up a simple frame to keep the box off the ground and to angle it upward toward the sun.

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