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At Florida Wildlife Adventure we offer Trophy Boar Hunting just minutes from Fort Meyers and two hours from both Tampa and Orlando. Hog Hunting with dogs is not for everyone but it is how early man survived with his companion. Just minutes from our location possibly could have been ground zero for the entrance to Spanish Feral Hogs in America. Hunting all year long for wild hogs at Florida Wildlife Adventure does not require a license and we offer 2, 3 and 4 day hog hunting adventures. Alligator HuntingExperience a thrilling and challenging Florida alligator hunt with Florida Wildlife Adventure.
SHWAT™ fielded a team at the Wulf Outdoor Sports Wild Hog Roundup, and I'm pleased to tell you that the gear, guns and even the hogs cooperated nicely. Stay at our Hunting Lodge and enjoy our great room with large TV, Direct TV, Pool Table and on our screened attached patio we have two picnic tables for relaxing bug free anytime of the year, Sauna, Jacuzzi, outdoor Florida Shower all enclosed for your private pleasure or party. Using a spear, knife and occasionally a pistol we will provide you with an up close and personal hunting experience you will not soon forget. This is where Hernando De’ Sotto started one of his first settlements and brought the hogs for food. Corporate packages are available for 10, 20 and 30 days of hog hunting whenever you choose to come if available.

Come Coyote Hunting in Florida and combine with other packages for a great vacation filled with action and excitement.
You can let us know if you want all meals, dinner, and for how many days in the notes section prior to submittal.Coyote HuntingWe have tons of coyote due to our natural bird populations and hogs. You can choose how many days your party will be attending when you select your lodge.Deer HuntingFully guided whitetail deer hunting packages with Florida Wildlife Adventures. You can choose how many days your party will be attending when you select your lodge.Dove and Quail HuntingDove and quail season signals the oncoming hunting season throughout Florida. Safety is our main concern and listening to your guide is critical when entering an area where there is a caught hog. When staying for a corporate hog hunting package all of your hog hunting trips will be private and never shared with other hunters in camp. With ample planted fields, your hunting group will enjoy a fast paced, action filled dove or quail hunt. The view is magnificent with an open field in front of you, shots beyond 200 yards at hogs if you choose and from behind you have a closer travel corridor where shots at under 50 yards are common. Enjoy a spot and stalk hunt through the brush for a big toothy hog or maybe you are looking for just a meat hog as we have plenty of those as well.
At any moment the hog could break the grasp of the dogs and will charge at lightening speeds.

Our free ranging property is over 6,000 acres with every type of hunting terrain known in Florida from pine stands, Oak hammocks, Cypress swamps, over 50 miles of canals which feed water throughout the landscape. Our Hunting Lodge is always an option when available so be sure to ask when scheduling your free Ranging hog hunts. Try a swamp buggy safari style hunt where you slowly ride through the property looking for that perfect hog.
Hog spearing is just another way of reducing the pig population and putting meat on the barbecue.Good to see a traditional archery double bow kill too.
The buggy has a large platform to shoot from and elevated over six feet in the air this is hog hunting in style.
This is the ultimate hog hunting experience and if you are into adrenalin filled action then this is for you.

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