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There are two kinds of beehives which are most popular, one is the langstroth and other is top bar beehive; the vertical top bar hive (known as warre hive) or horizontal hive (like a Kenyan Top Bar Hive).
Below is a picture of the Langstroth hive as well as a listing of the basic parts of the hive and what they are used for. Entrance Cleat—How the bees get into the hive in the winter (rather than using a reversible bottom board). Once you have enough information, the first step is to make a beehive and then keep it in a place which doesn’t experiences much fast winds and is shady. According to the number hives to be made in the top bar, you should select the size measurements or just go with the dimensions present in the bee hive plans PDF.

I started my first Langstroth hive this summer and the girls are doing great, but I want to build my own Top-Bar hive this winter and I really like the plans you provided.
This board gets placed below the honey super, causing the workers to move into the brooding chamber but stopping them from moving back up toward you. Before you think about keeping bees in the hives, the first thing you need to do is make a research which involves the complete guide for caring of the bees and also getting involved with them so that they won’t sting you. The place should not be damp and the area should be somewhere the bees can be attracted so that they make their colonies, probably near some flower beds or trees, you can also purchase some bees. For example, most hives are white to reflect the sun, but beekeepers up north may want to use black to keep warmth during the long winter.

For a beginner, it is highly recommended that they start off with two bees hive only which allows you to interchange the frames when a colony becomes weaker with another one.

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