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The cutterhead manufacturer (Shinmax) "is now offering those same cutterheads, with the same two-sided cutters, as a retrofit for many other manufacturers' planers and jointers.
Another interesting thing about the Shinmax cutterhead is that the cutters are screwed to aluminum rings that slide onto the steel shaft.
I am relatively new to woodworking and became interested in purchasing a planer after finding a local resource from which I can get a wide variety of milled and dried hardwoods at good prices.
If you've read any reviews of this machine, you'll come across some complaining of gobs of grease all over the machine when it is removed from packaging.
Next was a piece of birdseye maple that I've been waiting for a while to plane down and see what beauty was lurking inside.

The top of the post (the seat) is angled back slightly (relative to the direction of head rotation) so that only the edge in use extends out far enough to contact the wood.
Some aftermarket spiral cutterheads have three or four times as many cutters and cost as much as the whole planer.
I've purchased a new Steel City Tool Works 40200H 13" planer and will document all of my initial impressions of the machine. Even if you did get such a burr it could be quickly removed from the cutter and ground down without adversely affecting the other edges. When I first turned it on, a very small amount of grease did splatter from the cutterhead and onto the plate below.

All other things being mostly equal, I chose the Steel City machine because the operating noise level is supposedly lower due to the helical cutterhead, and I will be running this in my basement workshop. Instead, as you get to know the feed speed, feed it steadily into the roller at that speed.

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